Rossi testing Ferrari again

Our favourite MOTOGP superstar “is to take part in next week’s three-day test at Valencia, alongside Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa”

Now, it does not say he is doing all 3 days, but this is clearly more than a fun blast or a PR fest for the Italian press, and it is alongside the Cheating German & Felipe Massa so we will likely get times to compare Vale with real F1 drivers.

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I guess that I will have to go back to watch the F1 then?

Will be interesting to see his times.

I’d love to see that!

Mark Webber reckons he is “very brave” to test alongside all the regulars, others say the top Ferrari men [Ross Brawn, Jean Toad etc] would not have let him out to play with the regulars unless he was going to be close . . . anyway, today is the day for the start of the Valencia test - hopefully we should get some times early this evening

I too am waiting to see how he gets on. Fingers crossed for him. Not that I want to see him off bikes, but, I feel has nothing to prove there anynmore so why not 4 wheels. We already know that he is good in a rally car according to previous results. Perhaps a few years in F1 where he wins the title before a move to rally. Would love to see him champ at three disciplines.

Rossi f1 update:

Lets see what he can come up with. Love the bit about his car carrying a permanent flashing light on it to warn the others - you reckon its going to be blue and will be a case of get out of my way!


Rossi has done his first proper days testing and finished almost halfway up the pack, [in a 2004 car] 01/02/06 wed.

Times are all over the place, teams are testing out aero parts, tyres, new chassis/bits etc, but [ i follow F1 very closely ] this is a major, major result for Valentino, nobody will question his presence there, this is just awesome.



Just over the second behind Shuey as well - awesome performance. Bet a few people are taking note of that one. Ferrari and F1 in 2007 must be on the cards.