Rossi making it interesting!!

15th on the grid…should make it a bit more fun

I like the white and red colour schemes they’re sporting! Rossi was off form and that crash, oops! He has an uncanny ability to pick himself up overnight and put on a blinding performance after a not so good qualifying. Can’t believe Gibernau got pole!

On which channel can you actually see this?

Paivi, they are watching it on British Eurosport but you can see the race tomorrow on BBC2 if you don’t have cable TV

No cable, but Freeview. Must check if it’s got the channel available.

whats the betting that by the end of the first lap rossi’s made up about half a dozen places???

He’s a showman and head and shoulders above the the other riders, Wonder what it would be like to see him in the Sheene doohan era.


What a race. Rossi did really well just wish he had caught up with the leading pair to see a good dice. Well done to Melandri for clinching second. You gotta feel sorry for Gibbers. I liked Rossi’s red and white yamaha.

Rossi’s and Edward’s bikes did look brilliant in the red and white colour scheme I thought. That Luithi kid is very good, and do you see how all three world champions wear Dainese? Glad I’ve got a D suit now

Hi Paivi,

I was actually watching on on pc at work, quite good but not brilliant quality. I have freeview but you can’t get eurosport on there. I am going to upgrade to TopUp tV (freeview with a card) and get lots more channels including Eurosport for about £8 a month…better than remortgaging for sky!!

I watch too much TV already! Watched the race on BBC2, wish I’d started sooner, it’s fun!

Well next season there’s MotoGP (125cc, 250cc and motogp), WSB and BSB to look forward to. So get researching and get to know you slipper clutch from your big bang engine so we can all have a good natter about the sport and topics such as gibbers complaining about chatter amoungst a long list of his complaints!

Well, I know one of my compatriots came second in the 125cc and in 2007 he’s moving to 250cc.

You see, I’m not here just for decorative purposes!