Rossi: "I want to race Bayliss in WSB"

LOADS OF talk in Italy at the moment about some quotes reportedly printed by Italian sports mag Corriere dello Sport which apparently has Valentino Rossi saying he wants a go at World Superbike - and would love it if Troy Bayliss came out of retirement for a one-off clash. According to unconfirmed reports so far, Rossi has said: "If there was an opportunity and the right date then I would race there tomorrow. I like World Superbikes to be mad, I like to watch it and I’d love to ride in it, the problem is the dates. “I do not know when but I hope that I can make a race in WSB. I am sad that I would not be able to race against Bayliss on track now because I would like to challenge him on a superbike. Maybe, if I ask him he might even come back for one race for the challenge.” According to the same reports, Ducati Xerox David Tardozzi is reported to have said: “We like this idea, but will Rossi really a race in Superbike? Bayliss is ready.” Last month Visordown reported how Rossi has openly slated MotoGP, prefering the bare knuckle, elbows out style of WSB. Now, like we said - and make note of this - we haven’t got confirmation of this yet, so this might all fizzle out into nothing more than a badly translated bit of wishful thinking on the part of a couple of eager race fans. But, if it’s not, imagine how amazing that would be - Rossi dipping into WSB to have a one-off battle against a returning Bayliss.

That would be awesome. Team him up with Sykes as a wild card entry at Yamaha.

If it ever happens and it should take place in europe then i’m going.:cool:

I read somewhere (I think it was Mike Scott) that Vale wanted to enter this years last WSB round at Portimao but the powers that be at MotoGP put a block on it. I imagine they fear he might jump ship and take all his fans with him.

I’d love to see all the top WSB and MotoGP riders in a one make shoot-out once a year:cool:

Yeah that would be fantastic!, could have the top 6 riders of each championship battling it out in one race! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sounds like a great idea but what would they ride…WSB spec or Moto GP spec?

Maybe have a WSB style event where they ride both bikes in 2 races. Only problem i envisage would be what manufacturer would be used seeing as they are contracted?

Maybe it should be on C90’s or even Supermoto’s

I remember watching a thing on Eurosport years ago where the likes of Doohan, Foggy et al raced go-karts in Stad de France at a charity event.

They must be able to sort it out for bikes.

What kind of bike? Perhaps something uncompetitive like a Kawasaki;):smiley:

Chunks Ducks:smiley:

isnt rossi racing in that thing at wembley thats coming up?