Rossi crashes, hand fraturues.

Definitely looks like he has used up all his luck. I bet he still walks away with the chamionship though.

He’s fine and fit to race on saturday.

Well perhaps not all his luck then

do ya think hes not gona win this yr?

I wouldn’t bet against him.

Good to see he’s only human.

Bloody hard crash. I wouldn’t like to be made into a rag-doll like that.

Hope he recovers. I’ll be gutted if he’s not riding at Donington!

I’m about a third of the way though his book “What if I never tried”. Its interesting to see how he thinks in a race - I reckon he will still do it if he doesn’t have too much bad luck. Can’t see Capirossi or Hayden taking the title, and the points difference with the others isn’t that big.