Rossi Autobiography

I know this is old hat now and almost everyones read it but if there is a member out there that hasnt then I have just been sent one as a gift for answering a Magazine Artical so I got a “freebie” for you !!

first pm takes it !!


me! me ! me! I saw it first here and I haven’t read it yet!

…The Foxter beat you to it Cez…ask her nicely and she might pass it on

There’s nothing more cunning than a FOX… LOL…

I’ll second that! LOL!

Still got to get round to reading mine…doh thanks for reminding me I’ve got it…

Hey…morning Biggus…do me a favour mate would you…have a read of your Rossi Book and let me know what you think of it…I dont want to give you my comment but Id be interested to hear yours first. Cheers…have a good day.

Everybody says it was a great read. Am I the only one who thought it was shit??

To start with, an intro to the great man himself at the beginning of the AUTOBIOGRAPHY would have been a good start.

Thank foc it was a present for me son from someone at xmas and not for me.

Look out for it soon on