rossi and hayden 2011

fresh from team launch 11-1-11

Whats the deal with leathers over the top of boots??? :crazy:

Ive seen one bloke do it and i laughed at him :hehe:

Does anyone else do it on dat to day etc, ride out etcs?

You can get those boots in " inside or outside versions "

I wish i had leathers that came down to my ankles

When it rains, I don’t like my boots to fill with water either please :smiley:

+1 on keeping the cold out.
quite a few old school bikers laugh at me for it, but where’s the benefit to having the boots outside… is there one?
or is that just “how its done” and change just isn’t cool?

Probably more sponsorship space!

Ive never worn mine over the top of boots. I feel it would be too tight and kinder my riding.