Rossi and Burgess to part company.

After this weekends final round of moto GP at Valencia will see the end of a 13 year relationship that has brought 7 championships together.

Valentino and Jeremy Burgess are to part company. Rossi States he is looking for something else to motivate him for 2014 however with JB’s wife being ill for the past few years it is nothing new to know that he wanted to retire years ago but stayed on with Rossi. Now he may have finally got his wish to retire and to spend more time with his ill wife.

Either way it will be a real shame not to see JB about the moto GP paddock in the future.

I’m not sure Rossi needs much motivation, i think he’s just helping JB in the right direction…

shame, come on the goat for next year

I think Rossi is making JB go home and be with family! He does not need motivation, but he knows that JB has sacrificed a lot to be with him for the last couple of rounds. Who will Crew Chief for him now? Fun times ahead, but he is not a spent force by any means.

sorry disagree completely.
this is the fall out from too much stress coping with 2 years of **** at Doofucingwhati then utterly underachieving this year.
The stress just came to a head and Rossi threw his toys.
He’s looking to change something cos he’s not prepared to admit the Duke crap finished him… they’ve moved on, and rather than admit defeat he’s desperate.
He wants change, but losing Burgess is NOT even close to the right direction…

I am so pissed at Cal for this crap… he showed such maturity stepping back to WSS instead of accepting a Shh1t ride… Ducati is going to make him look bad… for 2 years… he is going to be nowhere… after taht two years, he will be fighting yet another clutch of younger fresher front row talent from M2… and with 2 years of pooey Duke results to show for it, he is already putting himself at a disadvantage when it comes time to negotiate for a good ride… ITS RIDICULOUS and very badly thought out.

i was pissed at Rixxy when he gave up his blade but look how happy he is on his Ducati he bought 3 :smiley:

It seems only Rossi’s ‘yellow brigade’ could put a positive spin on this. Rossi sacked JB in a last ditch act of desperation. Depsperare to find anything that will stop him having to accept that he simply iant fast enough anymore.
Unless marquez, lorenso and pedrosa all end up in a first corner pile up (no doubt started by bautista) I dont see rossi ever winning another race.

Yup, Stoner and Marquez raised the bar, and many including Rossi, despite his experience and talent just couldn’t come close to matching it.
I think the sport has moved on and left him behind. Only Lorenzo ever looked like threatening Marquez, and then only by ‘old school’ to clinical perfection.
Shame really, I like Rossi, but I think throwing the crew chief out was petulant, desperate and may well see him drop further down the rankings in 2014.
The crew loved Burgess, and it’s hard to see how even the most professional tech could apply themselves to the job with the same enthusiasm after seeing the gaffer unceremoniously dispatched.

There’s a good article in this months ‘Bike’ about Valentino’s ruthless streak. In it the author mentions that this strategy is nothing new and that all previous champs have done the same towards the end of their careers. Apparently it didn’t work for any of them but personally I wouldn’t right Rossi off just yet. The margins are so tight between the top riders that any perceived psychological advantage could stand them in good stead for next season. JB had a good run and everything has to come to an end one way or another but ultimately this is a message from Rossi to his competitors that he is serious about giving it another shot. Looking forward to next year…

I can’t help feeling that Valentino lost a bit of speed following the Simoncelli incident. Be it subconscious or otherwise that is bound to have had an effect.

Time we started the betting on the number of podium finishes in 2014 then :wink:

i would. after all he’s one of them who accidentally run him over. :unsure:

In F1 they used to say that having a child cost you a 10th, or something to that effect, I can only imagine what something like that would do