Rossi adjusts his lever

A few days ago I saw a video of Valentino Rossi calmly adjusting his lever span while overtaking at about 190mph.

But I can’t remember where it was! Does anyone know the one I mean? It was from a camera on the front of the bike, pointing at his hand.

I don’t think I dreamed it…

Does anyone have a link? :slight_smile:

it was in bike mag it had frames of the clip

I read this in Bike and saw it live… It was explained that heating and cooling of brake fluid changes its volume… fair enough makes sense but it was his left hand lever ? Am I missing something here because isn’t his left lever the clutch? :ermm:

The adjuster they use for the front brake is positioned on the left due to the fact that you are normally using the right hand to operate the throttle and front brake. The adjustment is only minor but effective.

I make adjustments while riding much like dear old Valentino, its usually a case of re-positioning the meat and 2 veg. :wink:

Cheers, fellas! I’ll try to find the video and post it here. Good to know I didn’t imagine it. :smiley:

I must confess to adjusting the old chap on occasion, too. Especially after going over a sharp bump. :pinch: :blink: :crying:

I find my zx’s tank does a good job of adjusting my bits for me, normally putting 'em somewhere at the base of my throat after the aforementioned sharp bump !! :crying: