rossi 2011 bike

maybe now the colours of Rossi’s legs will make sense/ look good with that yellow on the bike?

Not sure what the snow picture is supposed to symbolise!

Im liking

The team launch was in a ski resort !! Go figure !


and a video


The yellow makes sense now… Contrast of colours is a bit sore to the eye but I’m liking - I think it will look good live… :slight_smile:

Mad swingarm…

rossi is going to own this season so bad

Its still got massive wings on the fairing! I though that was a bodge job to fix the rubbish front end…?

(im not a Ducati fan BTW but id still prefer them to win that those bloody Yamaha’s!)

I love Ducati’s :cool:

Not sure about the reports I’ve read about the front end too.

Good luck to them. They need this push and I hope it pays off. :slight_smile:

mehh :unsure:

about time the italian got on the italian bike.

The perfect setup. Best of luck to him in 2011.

I think the bike will look the pooches plums on TV.

Hmm so its also sponsored by Mercedes.
Do Merc own Ducati?

Why the Snow? A metaphor for a ‘fresh start’ maybe?