Rossi 2009 R1 Commercial

And another commercial explaining the tech

Got to say it looks better in those vids that the earlier pictures but that 2nd video . . . what a load of marketing bullshit . . . really puts me off, do Yamaha think we’re so stupid that we are really going to believe all that ? :frowning:

im sold where do i sign…

I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t mind one :slight_smile: Sounds incredible.

That second video reminded me of Charlie Brown listening to his teacher! :smiley:

Nice looking bike – but really don’t like the R1 front – it looks wonderful at every other angle. Some after-market pipes wouldn’t go amiss either!

I`d rather have his gp bike.

The first vid was superb - awesome rider - awesome bike - I like the qualification ‘professional rider performing on a closed track’ - no fecking sh1t!

I’m definitely going to get an R1 instead of a gixxer as I now know that the R1 has a cross plane crankshaft and ceramic composite plate cylinders - these are crucial details for an expert motorcyclist like myself . . . :wink:

Born from MotoGP” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “Ride the winds of change”;):smiley:

have to agree with ya jay it does sound good. i`d like to have a play with it on track.

i wouldn`t own one though looks ugly… and its an R1

A proper bike for proper riders!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Roll on March 2009!!! :smiley:

luvvvvvvverly :P:P

The former is a credible statement, the latter sounds rather “don’t you think I look good in this (pink) hat”. Pretty much sums up Suzuki and it’s motorcycle riders.