ross stuck in borough rd pls hlp

Ross dt is stuck in borough high st by police st please help. 07908834832

is he still there, just seen this and was nr there earlier.

i had to leave him at 10.45. i got home at 11.20 ish. i had to got to get up myself for work. also had things to sort at home before too late

im hopeless with bikes so couldnt do much except ring around for a cab, sos recoveries and lend pliers from my bike and paper towels to dry his spark plugs. i tried halfords in OKRoad but they shut at 8pm. he has no money and i have none spare to lend without putting me in a mess. he tried calling others on his phone to no luck. the cabbies wanted £40 to get him to penge. one sos recovery wanted £80 the other £150 due to the time. in the end the poor fella had to push it home. he said about 2 hours walking. :frowning:

Ok, just spoke to him, hes just got home

All part of biking and good for the constitution . Even better you push it 8 miles and then notice it’s something simple and it fires right up :-/

He should have come and found us at nandos, Gavin, Matt, Danie and myself left you lot at BM just before this.
We walked back past our meet point and there were no bikes to be seen.

Hope the walk wasn’t too exhausting.

i bet he forgot to turn his bloody fuel tap back on…

That’s one way of keeping warm, and saving petrol :smiley:

I often ran out of fuel when I was an impecunious student,
I had my tank permanently unbolted so I could detach it with
zero tools. Carried the tank and hitched to garages several
times. Probably couldn’t do that these days, elfens aftey, and
modern folks being much less likely to give lifts to dodgy
looking bikers :w00t:

i text him just after i posted, he said he have it in the back of a motor.

oh no, just seen this, I leave near penge and go home that way as well.

what a bugger

i had a spear plug on me changed and cleaned the plug over and over nothing been striping it down and think the coil might of gone lol currently bodged one on to test XD

did you remember to turn your fuel tap back on? you turned it off when your bike was leaking petrol…

yeah i turned it back on

sounds like one of my bikes!

try the CDI unit…i remember my DT’s…:wink:


pirtty sure it was the coil. i striped off the head and changed the head gasket took the carb off and tightened it up so its not leaking now lol fitted it all back together with the coil from a import donor bike we have for my brother and bam it runs sweet as done around 15 miles today and not a hiccup but last night something fked up and i knocked something wile taking the plug out and its leaking coolant now and cant find the exact point of the leak