Ross Noble on Top Gear .. and before

Just catching up on Top Gear, and Ross Noble’s lap in a reasonably priced car.

Nice and funny guy, and he was actually an assistant instructor on a Patsy Quick KTM offroad day a bunch of us did recently!

Anyway, they filmed a bit of a pre-interview between Hammond and Ross which you can see on Ross’ website if you’re curious - both surprisingly bike obsessed … Hammond on a Busa with panniers :smiley:

Edited to add: You can switch off the annoying dripping noise with the sound control at the bottom of the page

and he lives in kent and he did say he has a race track? might have to find his local is and buy him a few beers:D

+1! Here’s the link without the annoying webpage :smiley:

Nicely embedded, though unfortunately it doesn’t seem to play :frowning: Maybe some copy protection.

The link above still works though, just remember to turn off the annoying background noise using the “sound” switch at the bottom of the web page.

Yeah fail player :D, edited my post - just a link without the annoying webpage