Ross needs you

Ross is now at kings Collage hosptial,london Matthew Whiting Ward, 1st floor, bed 25. the number to his bed phone is 07077 839 350, visiting is 10:30 till 12:00 and 2pm till 8:30, i think this is every day.

the hosptial has a web site with directions if anyone needs it.

He has asked me to say PLEASE, PLEASE, if anyone can get to visit him as he is out of his mind with bordem,

thanks Debs

i will be going up there soon and i can give him money!..he’s been good for it in the past!!!

and yes i will be bringing lamb stew

Don’t know the guy (new to the forum), but not that far from Grays & know how tedious hospital life can be. I’ve got nothing pressing i need to do tomorrow, so would be happy to help out - if you want

Tomorrow afternoons good for me so if any one wants to tag along then pm for a time thats suitable.

(will phone Ross first thing)

Thanks, let me know how much u give him and i will repay you asap, we can sort something out, and he will love the Stew, the food at KCH is worse the Darent Valley

Barro is going to see Ross today and will give him some money, so he should be fine for a little while, however plz if anyone does go to see him and gives him a few quid PM me and i will replace it thanks


Ive just spoken to the “Baldie Bedhead” and sorted what he needs, I,ll be there for the 2pm visit and if anyone wants to join me PM me for a meeting point and time.

(Thanks for the offer of the Money collection Melon but not needed, I,ll give it to him)

Lovely Jubbly !!

i like the “Baldie Bedhead”

just spoke to barro and he’s realised that the hospital ross is in is the kings collage university hospital…

just that there might be a mix up as to were he is staying…


thanks for the up date smiled, trust Ross to get the name wrong

lol…no worries sweetie



BARRO…with the Secret Stash…gets a Cab and Offski…

Cab Driver…“There is no Hospital called KCH in the Strand”

Barro…yes there is …I,ll phone a friend !!!

Matt,s driving !

Benders a bender !

Smiled says “let me know” !!

Cab stops and I find a friend…

The Hospital is not the Kings College = The University in the Strand !! (Student Campus)

Its not the University College Hospital in Marylebone Road = which could be mistaken !!

Its the Kings Hospital for Manic Sodding Flids that aint looked at an A-Z which is based in Bloody Camberwell !!


oh no barro

you def were not there when us girls were stripping out of our coveralls in Ross’ new room and spoon feeding him lamb stew!!

we left about 4pm

thats me, Blade and SheWolf

and i had to phone my ex-husband!!! to get him on the computer cos none of us bothered to write down which ward he was in…as all the LBers were out on there bikes and not answering phones

aint life grand

lol @ Barro. And we thought we were bad not being able to find the bike parking!!

Nice to say Ross was ibn good spirits today. Took a few pics but the ones the nurse took are too fuzzy!

Note : If you’re really queezy you might not want to see the 3rd pic called Ross Leg.





Cor,well fuzzy babe !!! Cant trust them nurses to get pics right thats for sure…Still, least they know how to look after Ross !!!

Thanks Wolfie for getting us to the hospital…we nearly shocked Ross outta da bed !!! He was asleep and nearly fell out when he saw three women bikers traipsing in the room !!! He did have a huge grin on his face when we started stripping outa our gear tho !!! so we did something right !! ha ha

yes we got Ross stripped to his boxers …LOL

the fuzzy pic must be what we look like after a few drinks girls…aint we gorgeous

ok… let me get this right… the first address i gave was right,

He is at the Kings Collage hospital, london???

Never mind Barro… you didn’t get to see him, but thanks for trying, and if you girls keep stripping in front of him he will never want to come out,

thanks for going

it was pleasure girls, glad to hear you made a differance.

Debs: there seems to be some confusion over the address

Kings College Hospital

Denmark Hill

London SE5 i think its 5 anyway

i have just checked the hosptial web site,

the address is correct… Wolfie thanks for the up date,