ross down

silly me fell off me bike coming out of my yard **** on the foor all ok and bike

Ack, bad luck mate, hope it’s just your pride that’s dented. Been there, done that!

You poor lamb… come here and let me kiss the bad bits better… Hope you and your bike get well soon

red in the face lol

sorry to here that ross easily done though

ooh bad luck, matey take it easy!

soz to hear that mate, no cracks on the panels? did it myself on ice in front of my garage last year

Sorry Ross, hope u are ok…i did it the other week…but i was stoopid and stalled me bike on a bluddy hill !!! good job ive got the crash bungs on aint it…spending all that money to get me bike right only to go and step off it on a damn hill !!! (still wishing i was 3 ft taller !!!)…

Anyway, see u soon no doubt mate…glad u dont sound too bothered? (me neither actually…i bought the bike to ride it, not to have it framed, although…ha ha

Hi Ross, havent met you yet, but sorry to hear of your off, done it myself on grass dew outside my front door felt like a [email protected] so long as you are ok…

Oh, red faces all round then. I came within 1 degree of dropping my FJ when getting it off the centre stand near Trafalgar Sq. Horribly embarressing.!

barry likes his on the grass lol

Glad it was only minor…stay safe!


glad ur alright you silly arse…lol

can happen to anyone mate…

no need to be red faced pal…ur arse is red enough…

anyways…dont frighten me like that again ya bugger…glad you alright mate

see ya soon bud

run smiled run.

when did i frighten u smiled

the post mate…

i had a flash back acctully when i dumped the k6 in the middle of leicster square…


ohh well glad there was no harm done…you out tonight?

gotta catch up dude…been awhile…


yes that was that best part they all said u w**ker and laughted lol

Ouch !

Familiar with that siuation - reminds me I havent done the 'driving off with the disklock on" trick for a while

Oooh, sorry to hear that Ross … yep, you know exactly how much I like grass !!

Glad you and the bike are ok though.