Rooster Aquafleece Neck Gaiter (Neck Tube)

Franc asked me about this last week so I figured I should probably write it up here.

The Rooster Aquafleece Neck Neck Gaiter (Neck Tube) is designed for sailing but works great on the bike. I saw a feature on one in Superbike Magazine so thought I’d get one as I always ride with a neck tube. Having used it for a year it is the absolute business and there is no comparison between it and the Oxford Comfy tubes I used before which I got free at the Bikeshow. If you are looking for a new tube definitely consider this, it’ll be money well spent.

Website is here.

Here’s a video of a sailing geezer trying it on.

Me has on too, best neck gaiter thing ever- much better than the normal thick ones-been down to -5 in mine


my only concern is the toggle /cord tensioner … that dragging under you as you slide along if used in the lower position = strangulation

You can tack that in so it doesn’t flap around in the breeze. If you leave it dangling it pings against your helmet.