Rooms for rent, biker tailored, refurbished maisonette in West London

3 bed, maisonette and garden In West London nearing the end of renovation having been specifically designed FOR BIKERS… Very modern finish, PM for info and check out the pics in the link below :slight_smile:

This is in Brentford/Kew (TW8) in West London, 300 yards from Junction 2 of the M4/A4, 2.5miles from the Ace. Some of the features…
*Purpose built helmet, leathers, textiles, boots and glove stands
*Wet textile/leather heated drying area

*Bright, cool LED/SMD strip lighting throughout replacing the central ‘dull, yellow 60w filament’ ceiling lights.
*CCTV outside covering the garage, front of house and surroundings
*Spacious, self maintaining garden (absolutely perfect for summer time BBQ’s and party’s)
*Contracted maid cleaning once a week, washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher included
*Communal Sky+HD, 45" HD tele, DVD, with all Sky Sports channels
*All bedrooms with TV wall mounts, Freeview areial socket & HDMI wall plate run to bedside tables ready for laptop movies
*All rooms with an Electronic insurance approved safe
*Memory foam mattress, (car boot style) under bed storage w/ purpose built storage, hangers and shelves
*Alarmed metal/brick garage for up to 4 bikes w/ lighting, power points for Optimates, Almax sized ground anchors, PIR Lighting, workbench
*Two toilets, shower
*Central Heating throughout (2rys old)
*Modern Kitchen w/ twin oven, large fridge etc, dining area for 6
*Spacious Lounge with sofas relaxation chairs and a DVD Library
*Communal car park area 10 ft away plus free parking for bikes/cars for over a mile

This will be without a doubt a place to be proud and happy to live in and will only make friends jealous who come around and visit.

Photos will follow as the building and garden landscaping take shape but otherwise I’m happy for viewings from next week. PM for questions or to arrange a viewing. All rooms with be available in the coming month.

All the best









Wow looked at your album looks incredible! props!

Thanks fella. It’s been a long month! :smiley:

Pm me prices please fella.

Looks really good Charly :slight_smile: good luck with it


‘PJ’: Done… :slight_smile:

Everyone else, I am NOT after stupid money as I AM A BIKER. As said before, You will not be charged a premium for the extras stated.

PM me… be surprised :slight_smile:


Thumbs up!


Interest building up fast, let me know if you want to be booked in on a early viewing peeps…

Why not just post up how much it is?

Same thought occurred to me

On a similar subject I’ve also wondered about those Corsas and the likes you see being hacked around town with an A5 note in the back window that states ‘For Sale 07 1812 1812’ :ermm: