Room to let available

We have decided to rent out our large front bedroom as there is just the 2 of us in a 3 bedroom house situated close to main line station direct into Victoria and London bridge. The house is in a pleasant cul-de-sac between Croydon and Sutton. Full use of the house and garden with secure bike storage and use of workshop if required. Although If you couldn’t live with a large silly bitch (german shepherd) this may not be the place for you. Rent is £450.00pcm bills included.

pm me if you are interested or want further details.

PM sent :slight_smile:

mmm just looked. a bit far for me :crying:

still available if anyone is interested, would suit a biker but will put it up elsewhere soon if no replies here .

There is an 19 year old Danish girl at work who has just arrived in London and her accommodation fell through. She doesn’t know London and is on a student work placement with us for about a term, so it would be good for her to go with genuine people and not some random stranger. Her budget for accommodation is up to £100 per week. I’ll see on Monday whether she has found anywhere and if not I will tell her about your room. She isn’t a biker and seems really sweet natured and easy going.


what are her vitals :w00t:

Is she prepared to share?

Yea thats cool, we could do it for her budget . Available now but dont forget to mention the german shepherd in case she is adverse to having her face licked off every time she walks in .
What area is she working in ?.

Hi - yes I’ll mention it to her on Monday. She’s a student and doing a course in child care, so she’s supporting the family centre aspect for her placement over here. She seems really nice:)

(BTW Zeph, you’ll have to make sure she’s chaperoned at all times when Herr Schmidt and the Jets come round for tea :D:D )

If push comes to shove, I doubt anyone can stop what’ll be coming :stuck_out_tongue:

As we both have daughters who have recently flown the nest i can assure you that any nere-do-wells will be apprroprietly dealt with .

Hi Zeph,

I spoke to her today - and she found somewhere over the weekend. She was really sorry to have missed your room - I should have thought of it earlier and told her. She said the room she had got was small and she had to spend ages cleaning it, plus it’s miles away in Willsden. Anyway, she liked the sound of the German Shepherd and you guys, so I asked if she had signed a contract and sadly she has, for six months:(

I’m not sure if the landlord would agree to waiver the contract, so she could live somewhere better - if so she is definitely keen. Will try and find out.

Many Thanks for the update, as a thought if she is not happy where she is and is prepared to loose her deposit (cuz thats what the landlord is likly to say), we would not take a deposit from her or ask for rent up front. But it is entirely up to her, the room we have available is 13’ x 12’ so its a good double.

I will pm my mobile number so she can ring me if she needs to.

Great - I will let her know - that’s really kind! I’ll tell her tomorrow - and just seen your PM.

NB - she is interested and sent you a text today:)