Room for Rent in Wapping with Garage

Hi Guys,

Our flatmate has unfortunately had to move out due to personal circumstances. Myself and Franco are now looking for a new flatmate to join us.

The link below gives more detail on the flat, we need someone to move in ASAP.

We have very secure parking here perfect for a bike with key fob gated entry, 24hr CCTV and an on site 24hr warden.

Many thanks,


good luck finding a roomie…should’nt have much trouble with your waltzing around the flat in various provocative outfits,to which i’m surprised you have’nt mentioned in the ad :laugh:

tho on a personal note you could pay a mortgage off in kent/essex with that monthly rent :blink: and have a little flat or house all to yourself

I’m worth every penny :laugh:

Plum! I’m offended!

You live in wapping and havent ordered a Dominos from me?
Friends and Family discount!

that room’s a “very large double doom”? :blink:
You Brits really are used to small sizes, eh?

Also, could’ve cleaned the spill on the carpet off before taking pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re old pics and not mine :pinch:

If you guys know anyone looking for a place in central please show them this ad, we need a new flatmate pronto otherwise we could face being kicked out and no one wants a homeless Plum!

HOW MUCH?!??? :w00t:

@Conrad B - Don’t remember for that price you get Miss Plum walking around in her various provocative outfits too.

The room is great value for it’s size, location and extra’s (garage/garden/security) if you work in the city or Isle of Dogs it’s ideal with savings to be had through not using public transport.

I’ve done some work in Wapping, it’s a great area but there’s no way I could afford to live there :frowning:

You could advertise in the window of the bakery or post office maybe?

thats almost as much as the 3 bedroom HOUSE me and some frineds are in at the mo! but we dont have a naked plum…

It’s about standard price for living in that area! It’s a nice area too, and as Plum says it’s very good for anybody working in the city etc…

I’d happily take up the offer if I was looking, but I’m happy where I am for the same price at the moment. :wink:

Good luck Plum! :slight_smile:

You get much cheaper rents in Streatham Hill and that’s a lovely area - although it might well take several hours to walk into the City of London:D. However, it looks like a nice modern flat, with garden, garage, own bathroom etc so am sure you will have no problems getting a pleasant young person to share (try to avoid any ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘Single White Female’ situations, old films but disturbing enough to make one picky about potential flatmates lol)

Anyone catch that? :crazy:

there’s the faint smell of something

Shall we call custard? I want pictures :wink:

A top designer model with custard on her… sure let’s call custard :smiley: