Roofbar whistling

No idea why but the roof bar whistles like crazy on the new car!

Any thoughts how to stop it?

Take it off? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That is one of the online suggestions!

I thought all roof bars/racks did that.

On my c max it was silent. On the s max it’s ridiculously loud!

Worse than my exhaust :rofl:

Buy a C sticker?


I find mine only whistles at certain speeds. Therefore either speed up or slow down.

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Yep whistles majorly around 70mph

They ruin your aerodynamics so cost you a load in extra fuel. Can you take them off when not in use?

Yeah definitely take them off when not in use, but currently away on holiday hence the question :wink:

are they the same roof bars as you had previously? If you have roof rails running front to back as a permanent install, the Thule Wingbar Edge that I have on my saab are perfect - completely silent and didn’t affect my fuel economy that I noticed, always on. On my w210 saloon, the roof bar mount installation for that is higher and then the bar itself is just cheap Thule box section stuff. It makes a load of noise and wind buffeting is annoying. If it annoys you that much or you’d rather leave them on all the time the wingbar edge are definitely worth a look in

I have the wingbar ones, but by the time you add bike carriers and then bikes on top you just have to put up with it. Mine only went on the night before we went away and were off within an hour of being back as part of unpacking.

Same as previous car, they are not a branded ones so yeah def not aero.

Apparently one option is to wrap a bungee cord around the bar to disrupt the air.

As people mentioned taking them off when not in use is what I’m doing but annoying when you are heading to somewhere like Devon

If there’s a flat edge at the front maybe it needs some sort of slope so air glides over the forward most facing edge rather then hitting it?

Are they actually for your model car specifically? I borrow my father-in-laws from his corsa to my zafira and although the fitted they whistled like mad, I had to stay below 55mph or it was unbearable

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As said aero bar profile reduces noise and drag, had them on three cars now with minimal noise. Slap a bike carrier on and that all changes, no way around that at all due to various shapes/edges. Seen some people put foam pipe insulation around the square ones, looks crap though and have no idea if it helps😜

Good point doubt they are model generic

turn up the radio

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That’s been my strategy with a crying baby

I can confirm the bungee wrapped around the front bar works to stop the noise