Roof crash helmets, beware/avoid

so here the story, have had me roof roadster no more than 6 months, since now it has not been dropped or involved in any collision etc at all.

so am in the garage and hung me crash helmet on the handlebar, yep as you think it fell off.

now this is no more than 2 ft high and there is now a crack in the top layer on the top of the helmet where it hits the ground.

it looks like a big scratch but you can get your fingernails under the crack etc.

as far as i am concerned this is not on, if it cracks from a 2ft drop it will do feck all in protecting your head.

i have had crash helmets fall b4 and at most you may get a little dig or mark.

will try pics but photobucket seems to be playing up.

Sorry mate, but you’re wrong. If you drop a lid from two foot onto a concrete floor it should be replaced.

They are only designed to stand one impact. If the outer shell hadn’t cracked you’d have made the potentially fatal mistake of assuming it was OK when it wasn’t.

Whilst damaging your wallet Roof have probably helped you out.

The real moral of the story is don’t hang your helmet on your bars, look after it, so that it can look after you.

if its showing any fibres its fecked, and as said 2ft drop is more than enough to cause compression on the EPS liner, plus as yours has damaged the outter shell= bolloxed

do wot? i not using it now and have replaced it (not with a roof), but a 2ft drop should not damage a helmet too much.

it seems unlucky that it cracked, but not impossible.

i was probably a bit over the top with replace it even if not cracked to be fair.

did you get in touch with Roof and tell them what happened?

i got in touch with place i bought it from as they have good relations with roof, he also said they had 1 do it when they dropped 1 in the shop.

I think you’ve got a good case - to actually crack in a 2ft drop is not on

I had an arai drop from the seat and roll down pit lane at brands, a slight scuff where it initially hit the floor but other than that it was still in good condition with no damage to the shell. Still have it and use it occasionally :Whistling:

According to Arai, there is no need to replace a helmet just by dropping it a couple of feet. Obviously it needs some common sense and if you feel doubtful, then replace it, but to say it ALWAYS should be replaced for a simple drop (without your head in) isn’t true.

exactly this.

a 2ft drop shouldnt damage a helmet?

sorry but helmets are designed for one compression/impact, they look after your brain, which doesnt heal…so look after your lid.

if you drop it or dont look after it, its your own fault.

They seem ok-ish on safety rating but just googling ‘Roof Rating’ tells you all you need to know about this “poor” brand!

Search results–>Make & ModelTypePriceRatingSizesCompareimageRoof BoxerSystem215.00 XS, S, M, L, XLAddimageRoof R010 DaytonaFull face245.00 XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLAddimageRoof R010 DiversionFull face245.00 XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLAdd

heres some pics.

now i know it looks like a scratch but believe me it is not, can get fingernails under top layer etc.

i will also put some other pics in comparrison, bought a new agv helmet sunday and got knocked off bike yesterday, full force of me/head hitting ground and crash hat and has only scratche, dont worry will replace new 1 now too, aaaarrrggghhhh, lol.

Sheet… doesn’t look right to me…for a 2ft drop that is…:crazy:

I recall Mcn doing drop test (article) at various heights then to destruction, they got them up to quite some height, before any were effected by minor drops…

Saying that if it’s cracked feck that, dropped my Arai Rx7 a couple of times from a low height, no visible damage! Still wearing it :Whistling:

Hi Choprocker Id like to know, did you or the shop get a response from Roof?

Id like to know how you get on with this as I have a Roof Boxer R which I bought a few months back when the weather was nice. If a fall from a few feet cracked it wht would happen in a full on collision? Have you or the shop got back to Roof and what was there response?


Id like to know if you or the shop got intouch with roof and what did they say. I bought a roof boxer r a few months ago and now im concerned about how it would protect me if I had a proper bang npt just from a few feet.


no reponse as of yet, i contacted the shop as i said before he has good relations with roof and have had same thing happen when unpacking etc.

the problem i have is proving to roof that its was dropped from where i say, it is true but you know wot i mean.

when it hit the floor it sounded hollow, i wonder if the internal stuff was faulty and did not touch the outer shell etc which i presume it should.

i have heard nothin as of yet, i gave them a while to respond b4 posting and i also phoned the shop and spoke to them.

what was odd when it hit the floor it sounded hollow, i wonder if was faulty with inner padding/protection, i presume it is suppose to be solid and outer shell touching inner etc.