Ron Haslam Race School

Just been to silverstone all day and read a leaflet about the Ron Hanlam Race school.
Really thinking about doing this for some experience and to learn to be quicker and a better rider.

Has anyone had any experiences with the school?


I have done it last year in donington where the school was originally based
The organization was good and training was ok but it is in no way a day at CSS
And if like me you dislike the CBR600R then you will not like it…
This said, you are not riding your bike which help relaxing about recking you commuter and this considered the price is ok
I would do a few trck days first if you haven’t as this is very track oriantated

Hmm … is that £279 really for just half a day? That makes it ~£560 for a “whole day”.

Compared with CSS around £420 + £250 = £670 for a whole day. CSS sounds like it might be worth the difference.

Personally, I’m wondering about tying to tie in a holiday to the US and book a course out there - as so often with rip-off Britain, the US Dollar prices seem to be about the same as the UK Pound prices. And the US camps include the bike hire! :slight_smile:



I’ve done both and I’d say the Ron Haslam and CSS days are aimed at different people, but I’d say if you want everything taken care of (bike, all clothing kit etc), the Ron Haslam school is the better option IMO.

Here is my LB review of my day at the Ron Haslam school.

Thanks for the link to your article Afro - a good read, and upped my interest in giving them a go.

To 250ninjaR - something that surprised me was the free tuition on offer from the likes of No Limits on their track days. Just ask an instructor nicely and they will take you out for a session or two. Them guiding me around the track and some useful tips helped me loads, though I’m very curious to learn even more…

As something of an inbetweener … I’m rather tempted by this :slight_smile:

I’d also add that having some time on track and then doing something like the Ron Haslam school would provide better opportunity to learn. You have to drive the questions at RHS. I went in cold, first time on track and it was awsome, but the day goes too quick to learn and practise stuff.