Ron Haslam Race School 3/6/2015

Or for those that don’t hold a full licence and are over 14 you can do a 30 minute open track, track day on the CB500’s for £195 (not sure on the discount on this, but could be about £150) this gives you full access to the circuit with no other bikes for 30 Minutes and includes all the extras the big bikes do including gear and tuition

Email reply for the School.

count me in mate!!! 100000000000000%


I’ll not bother getting the deposit off people till after Xmas as i know its an expensive time of year

I have 2 Guys from work plus me 100% coming (They have even paid me the deposit already!), Toony has said he is 100% coming (He’s a friend from Football so i know he will definately be going) so that’s 4 Garaunteed already.

I can have more than 10 but 10 is the Minimum so at this rate we should have 10 confirmed easily :slight_smile:

The 3rd of June is a Wednesday so you will need the Day off work so please factor that in when agreeing on going, Also remember it is in Derbyshire so travel as well, I won’t be going on the bike as you come off track thinking your Valantino Rossi so it’s not the best idea to ride your own bike straight after!!

Plus, if we go up in Cars we can split the cost of travel :slight_smile:

mmmhhhh… not having to use my own bike and my own gear on track?

very interesting. :smiley:

questions, what happens if it rains?

how early you need to be at donnington in the morning?
i’m not a big fan of riding at 4am to get there by 7 just to be ready to have a nap :smiley:
in which case, would probably ride there the day before and go sleep in a hotel.

last but not least, how are they with leathers my size? i really dont want to go around at 100+ with something that doesnt fit properly.

Come on Alba, you know you want to emulate The Doctor!!!

If it rains they still let you out but you just take it a bit easier.

There are 3 different time slots, the one i would book is the 1pm one with a 4:30pm finish time, you need to be there 30 mins early to register so giving 2-3 hours travel time you only need to leave at about 10am.

They have hundreds of pairs of leathers, even for little petite ones such as yourself :slight_smile:

thanks Sam,

whichever package the majority decides i’ll tag along, obviously on the 600 not on the blade for me as i’m a novice :smiley:

will confirm after the holidays to make sure i have enough finances.

You can only do the 600’s unfortunately as the Blades are only available after you have done the 600’s, But to be honest i had a blast on the 600’s and may even do them again rather than be the only one on a Blade!

No problem, i’ll start getting peoples Deposits in January so we can book the slot and hold it for sure.

I may even see if i can get an account opened so that people can pay into it every month so they don’t have to stump up £200 in may (providing you all trust me that is :Whistling: )

For £50 I’m all over that. Let me know where to send the funds.

It’s £250, the £50 is just the non-refundable deposit. If your still interested I’ll start getting the deposits off people after Christmas

Yeah I meant £50 deposit. As by the time it comes around if I can’t go I’ll have forgotten about the £50. Using their bikes I’ll Volvo it up there. Could probably take some people so long as the respect the rules of carriage which are no eating, no criticism (constructive or otherwise) and don’t touch any buttons.

I won’t know until the new year. So deposit in january suits me.

Sounds like a deal for that money.

But I was actually thinking of doing it earlier in the year. June is a long way away :pinch:

Sounds good. I’m very interested.

What happens if some of us pay, and then others back out at the last minute, do we lose our discount?

Cool, looking good for getting the minimum of 10. I’m going to try and get at least 15 that way if a few drop out we should still have the minimum of 10, if not then the ones that drops out loose their deposit and we can use that to subsidise those still going and that will hopefully cover the discount difference

good thinking batman :smiley:

i’m still keen to going up the day before, i really cant see me riding 3 hours up and down with a track day in the middle.

If we share the travel it won’t be so bad, We can all meet at a services on the M25 or some that live close can meet at home addresses etc and then jump in cars together and go up in 3 or 4 cars, that way you can still chill on the way up :smiley:
I don’t mind driving but i only have a Fiesta so would only be able to take 2 or 3 others plus luggage (i’m wearing my own Lid and Leathers) The stuff supplied is perfectly fine but i don’t want to wear a Lid that 100’s of other people have worn (erghhhh) plus i’m getting new leathers so my current ones that are scuffed up won’t matter if i bin it in them :slight_smile:
But if you want to go up the day before thats cool, I was just thinking about keeping costs down, It may work out cheaper to get a train up there on the day rather than stay the night before in a Hotel as that won’t be as tring as riding/driving up. (Just an Idea)


Another Idea which could be fun :slight_smile:

If we all chip in £20 I could hire a 17 seater Mini Bus and drive us all up together :slight_smile: I could do a couple of Pick up & drop off points, it will just mean you all getting to a Services or similar for the Pick Up/Drop Off.

^^^ yep i do like that option. i’m up for that.

re.lid, i know what you’re saying, but i rather risk someone else’s lid rather than my own. i would probably wear my own gloves and boots, but thats all.

It does sound like it could be a laugh, and on the way home everyone gets to tell their stories of Heroic knee down action!!!