Ron Haslam Race School 3/6/2015

I’m thinking of doing the Ron Haslam Race School on my Birthday again next year, Anyone up for it? £295 for the 600’s or £395 for the Blades (need to have done the 600’s in the past 2 years to do the Fireblade’s)

I may see if i can organise a Corporate event and get a discount on it. I will probably need about 10-15 people to confirm this though.

It was an awesome day when i done it this year so really want to do it again, I would like to do a different track than Donington but the other race schools are far too expensive and i don’t really want to take my bike on a Track day as i will probably bin it!!

I’d be up for it for the right price. I reckon some instruction would get me to progress a bit; especially on someone elses bike! :w00t:

Possibly, but would need to confirm nearer the time as that’s a long way away!

I’ve heard the california school is a lot better than ron haslam’s

Done them both and found haslems more focused on what I wanted to gain from the day, although if you do the next levels on CSS it may be better. I wanted to do the Chris walker one next year but his site is down so don’t think he is doing it next year! :crying:

The California one is meant to be the best one out there, but to do it on the Panigales costs close to £700!!!

SeanR1 (15/12/2014)

I wanted to do his one pretty much straight after doing the Ron Haslam one in June and i tried calling constantly and also emailing and had no response from them whatsoever, and like you say the site is now down, which is a shame as that one looked more race derived as you had timings and geometary readouts.

Just spoke to Ron Haslam (the school not the Man :smiley: )

They will 100% do us a discount on 10 or more people, they will give us use of the Corporate hall with Lunch and refreshments, The level of discount can be discussed once we have a definate number but she says at least it will be is 10% but could be more, she just needs to run it past Ron. Hopefully Leon has a good start to the season and Ron is feeling generous when i call it up :slight_smile:


When would you need the funds? I fancy this. About time I got on track.

You would need to pay a deposit of about £50 then the balance is paid 2 weeks before we go, but you can pay it in dribs and drabs I think.

If we do it like that with instalments I’ll knock up a spreadsheet of who’s paid what to keep a track of it and it can be posted on a thread to download so you know where you are.

Deposit £50… I’m in! Thought it had to be paid all at once, after the wedding and with Xmas round the corner i wouldn’t be able to confirm but if the deposit is true I’m defo in!

Thats how I done it in June, paid the £50 deposit then the balance 2 weeks before I went so can’t see it being different this time, especially as I will be booking 10 or more spaces.

I’ll confirm this tomorrow for everyone

I’m very interested :slight_smile:

Sorry to be a bit thick and foreign but is it 3rd of june or 6th march? Just to be sure.

I’ve been looking at improving my riding skills. Have only done BikeSafe.

Is the price inc. bike and gear rental?

3rd June :slight_smile:


What does the price include…?

You need get there about half hour to an hour before your time slot, there is a Cafe (not free) that you can have Food and drink at.

You then get called up to register, once registered you then go to the Leathers area where (if you don’t want to use your own gear) you get fitted up with a set of Frank Thomas 1 piece racing leathers, Frank Thomas Boots & Gloves, Back protector if you want one and an Arai Crash Helmet. You also get given an Armband with a Number on it so you can identify yourself in the Photo’s.

Once everyone in your group is kitted up you are taken to the briefing room where you are given a talk on track and pit lane safety including Marshal flags etc, they then talk to you about the Track and tell you the best lines to take and what the cones mean that are out on track.

After the Briefing you are taken to the bikes where they go over the differences between a track bike and a road bike then they pair you off with 2 riders to an Instructor (or 1 to 1 if on the Blades) you then go out with your instructor for a 15 minute sesssion where he can evaluate your riding and see where you can improve and also see what pace you are comfortable with, you then go back into the Pits and have a 15 minute chat where he goes through riding postion, braking points etc he also gets you on the bike and shows you how you can improve your style. He will also find out if the pair are suited and if one is suited to a faster rider he will change the pairing so that you get the biggest benefit from the day.

You then go out for your 2nd 15 minute track session where it is a much faster pace and he tries to push you as hard as he can to get thye most out of you. Again you come into the pits where you go fill the bikes up with fuel and then the whole group gather for a lunch break and discuss what you all find about the Bikes/Track and help each other with questions etc.

After Lunch you go out for your 3rd 15 Minute session where it is all out, he wants to see you put verything you have learnt into the last session and see the improvements you made.

After the final session you get changed and meet in the debrief room where they give you a talk on Tyre technology and stuff like that, they then award the top 3 most improved riders with trophies, you all get cirtificates and vouchers for money off etc.

Although its only 3 x 15 minute sessions it is plenty of track time as it gets very tiring and i was shattered by the time i came off, not sure i wouldve enjoyed a 4th session as much as the first 3.

All in all it is worth every penny and definately worth doing if you are considering doing a track day as you learn so much more about track riding before risking your own bike on a track.

I’d love to do this, gonna have to do some serious grovelling with Mrs.B :smiley:

Don’t tell her :Whistling:

I reckon we are looking at £255 (instead of £295) for the CBR600RR’s and if you’ve done them in the last 2 years £355 (instead of £395) for the CBR1000RR’s. as that is the discount they are giving if you book now for the first 4 sessions of the year (April & May) so they could possibly extend this offer to us for the June session, I’m hoping i can get this cheaper once i’ve grovelled and maybe tell them we will do a write up on the Forum for them to generate advertisement (I can be very persausive when i want to be :smiley: )

I’ve just sent them an email regarding Deposit and payment plans so i will confirm later today if i was correct in thinking its £50 deposit and balance in full 2 weeks prior to the date.