Ron Haslam Race School 2010 dates up at Silverstone

I wanna go ASAP!! Anyone going?

I’m gonna try book Premier on 31st March which they are only doing PM sessions.

B. Vrooooooooooooooom!

About bloomin time, got a voucher for Xmas and I’ve been waiting since then for them to announce dates, Anita/nonsense has a voucher too so no doubt we’ll both be booked up soon :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to do the 125 course, been looking into it for a while! Thinking of booking for August :slight_smile:

Sorry im gate crashing your thread Banman :stuck_out_tongue:

Right I’m going to do this - anyone up for 28th April as would be nice to have some company???

Dude, you are over 14 “Using Honda CBR125’s 12-13yr olds can gain an introduction to riding Performance bikes. Over 14’s can use one of the schools fleet of new CB500s” so you can get on a big bike instead for a change!!:wink:

lol! I was gonna argue this and say no track experience so i’ll stick to my 125 but good point! having second thoughts now :slight_smile:

Come on man the Feck up!!! Whole point of doing this is to learn and get better (lord knows I need the help) I’ll even ride up with you, but how do we get there without going on the motorway:cool::wink:

Me and Anita (Nonsense) are now booked to do this on Tues 11th May :smiley:

I’m going this Wednesday :smiley:

It’s forecast to snow! :w00t:

Good luck with that!! :hehe:


new club opening on Thursday, KDITS, KD in the snow :ermm:

Luckily it didnt snow. 1-to-1 with one of the instructors. 2 slow sessions, 3rd session was much faster. Looking forward to next track day!

Bit more time for a write up. Silverstone was great, bit of a building site, but took nothing away from the course. This was my first time ever on a track. Lots and lots to take in. i was lucky enough to get 1-1 with an instructor.

My first session was slow, very slow. I was lapped by others from my group, loads of em… :frowning: I was apprehensive, too focussed on following behind the instructor, couldnt organise myself into corners, couldnt accelerate in the straights coz i was too scared to change up gears at that speed(!), it all went horribly wrong. I came off the first session not liking the experience at all. I felt like I’d never ‘get it’. The instructor was encouraging, some tips from his observations and was encouraged to keep up.

Second session out, much of the same. Really slow, again because I saw loads of my group lapping me :frowning: I noticed I was hitting the rev limiter this time. I started trying to look beyond the instructor into and through bends. Seeing the bends coming did help with prepping for corners. I also started to lose my fear of being thrown off the bike. This helped. But still slow.

Final session out. Wow what a difference. I wasnt overtaken once. I was running wide in the corners, coasted round one cos I couldn’t find the gear lever. Pegs scraped the ground a couple of times. Could open up much faster once hit the straights. Hit the red line and changed up without fear this time (so much for rev limits :slight_smile: Very fast the instructor said. Whatever clicked, it made massive difference. The cbr600 felt like an underpowered toy on the last session. I was trying to powerslide out of corners by now, but never managed it - too high a gear in the corner? Scrambling all over the back of the instructors bike on the straight. What a difference. Thrilling! :slight_smile:

Shame they dont give you lap times after the session. all in all a great fun way of breaking your track virginity! Now the Elite course has full datalogging and telemetry as well as a Fireblade… :slight_smile:


Sounds like you had a great day, was about to PM you and ask!!
Still need to book, but definately will do if I can juggle work etc…off to find the boss!