Roller shutters

In the process of replacing a side wall and driveway gate and considering options. It’s the entrance to access our garage, which has 4m hard standing in-between it and the gate. The swing gate prevented any parking on the hard standing as you couldn’t close the gate with a car there!!

Looking at sliding gates, but thought maybe a roller shutter could be an option. As building the wall could build the opening to house. Anyone know if roller shutters can be installed outside and not covered/enclosed??

The gods of coincidence smiled on you by guiding me past this place earlier today & making me notice just such a thing!

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Ohh that’s awesomely bad!!!


Latest technology invisible garage.


The emperor’s new garage! :grinning:

Roller shutters are top heavy. I’d question the stability, especially the one above where it only appears to be properly secured at the top on the wall side.

Should be pretty straightforward to sink an RSJ or something similar to make a solid & stable support. Looking at Google maps historic view, that one has been there since at least 2009.

Bear in mind the height loss as you need to go under the roll, more of a consideration for garages though, but might be worth mounting it higher up then you think

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Thanks all. Decided against this and going with a sliding gate, more expensive but is a better solution I think longer term. Wife also raised a valid point “looks like we are running a garage”.

For reference, you can install outside just need a hood /cover for the mechanism similar to shop fronts. Some pretty slim profiles available which if the door is recessed would look flush with the external brickwork. Builder suggested a relatively small rsj across two pillars would be fine, the shutters are aluminum