Roller Disco - Kings Cross

Me and a few friends are going to a Roller Disco in Kings Cross on Friday, November 16th. Never been before and will probably not be on my wheels much of the night :Whistling: , but it sounds like a laugh. :laugh:

Anyone fancy it? Then put your names down. It could be a nice get together since the Halloween party was postponed.

It costs £12.50 and you’ll have to sort out your own tickets. 70s, 80s, RnB and House music will be played. Roller skate hire is included in the price. Cheers Ben…Full details below Roller Disco @ CANVAS KINGS CROSSFriday, 16th November - 8pm to 2am - admission £12.50

Information and Bookings Email: [email protected] or Phone Valerie on 0207 630 6625

tickets Click here to buy tickets onlinevenueCanvas - Kings Cross Freight Depot
York Way, London, N1 OUZ
Click here for location info Booked so far…

afroR1 - Booked
johnnybravo - Booked
bikerboy - Booked
curtis - Booked
SheWoolf - Booked
M-Daytona - Booked



Now, don’t get me wrong when I say this, cos I believe in live and let live, but you do know that any bar within 1 kilometer of Vauxhall is a gay bar, and that you’ll be expected to Roller sakte topless so the muscle boys can check out your six pack…or in your case Fro…your 6 case… :smiley:

I haven’t roller skated since I was about 12!! I reckon I’d be up for it! The 16th works best for me. DO they provide the skates and will it be cheesy 80’s music :smiley:

Well you’d know Tobster :rolleyes:

Only joking mate :laugh:

No…Not a gay bar this one…

Allways thought you was a pillow muncher Afro :smiley:

Westie your not alone in your village now mate ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Yes and yes…Although there is 70s, RnB and House music played aswell.

Come on Shezza…I promise I won’t bump ya (too often) :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny that mate, you and Tug always did look like a couple of village people extras :laugh:

Might be going on the 16th anyway, is my mate’s gf’s bday bash…

Will you be there in time for the last waltz Afro? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I have been to this before, its a good laugh and best to have a few drinks first.

And the music is the cheasiest I have ever heard :wink:

I was only saying to big boy a few days ago that I fancied a really cheesy night out. Mel & Kim’s song Respectable was on tv :cool:

oooooooo this sounds like fun!!!

Let me check on the dates!


So it’s just me, maybe Sherrie and maybe Pat :unsure:

maybe everybody else is too cool for school :smiley:

Im already going on the 9th, but were going to the one in kings cross! its alot easier for us than Vauxhall. :slight_smile:

Whilst I would like to see you getting your knees down on roller skates I have my mouth around fish & chips that night followed by a visit to the teahut :wink:

You’ve got a big mouth then my friend…Wouldn’t have thought a tea hut would taste very good…Pizza hut? Now you’re cooking with gas.

rollerdisco is quality - been to the one in kings cross a couple of times. music was good there (its one of the night clubs - three rooms with different music in each)bit more of a git to get home from the vauxhall one than central no?

Value my neck too much to put wheels on my feet ;):slight_smile: