Roller Disco 11/12/09

Hey everyone,

For my brithday this year i have decided to go roller disco. The one in Vaxhall, please see link:

For people that haven’t seen this in on facebook, it would be really good to see you all there, and dressed up if you fancy :slight_smile:

It’s only £12.50 for the night and starts at 8pm and close at 2am.:smiley:

Sounds fab! I’ll wear my usual if you dont mind!:w00t:

was a good laugh last time we went not sure if i can make it this time though :frowning: n wont be in fancy dress this time if i do come lol

might be up for this!

Im there :slight_smile: is it really fancy dress?

Everything in my head says “don’t go, you’ll make a tit of yourself” - so I will probably be there!

You don’t have to come in fancy dress, but i though i might this time:D

I vote everyone turns up fully clad in bike gear that was be well worth a trip

This is very close to my birthday too, but I think I’ll give my clavicle a bit more time to heal before I do this sort of thing! :wink:

Don’t think i’ll be able to make this, have a wisdom tooth being yanked out the afternoon before at hospital :pinch: :crying:

Hope you all have a fab time, Curtis was only talkling about the LB one the other week, sounds like fun, i’d love to give it a go :slight_smile:

p.s What do you look like Curtis :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry too much about Curtis . . . but Bikerboy . . . Does Carry on Doctor ring any bells ? :D:D:D:w00t:




Haha, uncanning :laugh:


So who’s coming then? I’ll be there later :slight_smile:

Curtis, of all the photos that we took last time, that has to be the worst one of me! Oohh matron :w00t:

do they do roller boots for very small feet?


They do for all sizes, but ring and check if you want. Link here:

Hi hon - cant make it Im afraid. Have fun x

Hey hun, Hope you have a good time - I have to work, so I cant make it! Have a good, and SAFE one!

just seen this - have an awesome time

we defo should organise another visit curtis & bikerboy - top laugh last time!

Have a blast!