Roll up Roll up

Morning everyone - treat ALL cagers with suspicion and stay safe. :wink:

That makes 2 of us fella…Oh well i’ll just have to let Viggens tyres down the next time i see him:DMorning everyone else

Morning all, my names still on the list, so at least I’m happy:)

Good morning all !!! :smiley:

don’t blame me i just copied the list from yesterday must have been some other neeb that took you lot off:P

8 minutes left to say ‘mornin’.

morning all :Pa very wet and windy one, just the way we like’s it!

howdy all, weather is vile, im off on the zed to Brighton after work, could be a rough trip…:slight_smile:


Afternoon all
Rubbish journey home in the wet, especially as the bike i was given can`t go above 65mph.