Roll up, it's the virus quiz

Q1: Black Death
Q2: Foot & Mouth
Q3: TB
Q4: Swine Flu (?)
Q5: Yellow Fever
Q10: Rubella

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All correct so far

1 black death
2 foot and mouth
3 TB
4 swine flu
5 yellow fever
6 Ebola
7 chicken pox
8 Corona
9 Typhoid
10 rubella

Bonus: speech

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Bonus is wrong. Well done on the others



They’re not all caused by viruses. Some are bacterial, e.g black death, TB, typhoid

Valid point… Should have been name the epidemic or something similar.

Corona comes in bottles not draught - so no 8 is bollox.

Pedant award sown up :slight_smile:

I didn’t make the quiz and I think that it’s the closest emoji but regardless, I shall not be outpedanted

Corona was fizzy pop when I was a lad.

I think it was downmarket R Whites.

Good spot. Corona in draught eh. The world really is going to shit atm

It was Alpine round my neck of the woods.