Roll Call List

Think I have corrected the list so when you start adding cats and dogs etc, try not to fcuk it up again.

That mess was not caused by adding cats &/or dogs, well certainly not from my household. 

It looks like the error in the roll call, with Serrisan’s position being moved into to “T” section originated, as far as I can tell, over two months ago ( see here ).  However, when  (the wonderful) Timmy Fox did the amazing rewriting of the roll call 10 days ago ( here ) everything was correct.  So definitely the error was not caused by me, nor Timmy Fox.  

Are we using “Record Shop Convention” i.e. The is ignored as a standalone word?

That’s an attempt to get rid of the dog and cat from the list under the guise of fixing the list which may or may not have been out of alphabetical order. Be nice to animals please!

The observant amongst us would have noticed a few old-timers and regulars were missing, l have added them back in. Newbies adding their name and the odd append doesn’t mess up the list. All this cocking about obscured the fact that several members had been dropped.

And it’s not nice to be dropped, because we get bruised on landing.

Meow?  “Bruised on landing”?  What are you on about Butler?  Just flip yourself around before the landing, and land on your paws.  I do it all the time.  Well, not all the time, as I’m royalty, but I do it when necessary.


  1. Get a life
  2. I see some posters get capital letters, some don’t
  3. I’d have expected better tbh