Rodrigo's final ride!

As you know, an LB brother lost his life last week. Its been suggested that we hook up a special BCR with another LB rideout and have a bun and a cuppa to mark the occasion. We can chip in to the collection being raised too.

The suggestion is to make a BCR foray to meet up with the other ride. We could set out early, do the do as we like to do, meeting up with the other ride that would have left later, poss leaving The Ace and taking a more direct route to the rendezvous. We can remember Rodrigo if we knew him, or learn about if didn’t. We’d then have the choice to ride on with the other ride or make our way back home. I am actively trying to get the CtRR on the other ride, we dont wont any of them lot ave’in us off! The BCR mop will naturally be notified of our new destination!

What do you guys/gals think? I think its the weekend of the 31st?

Got KTM Enduro try-out day booked on 31, but will try to make to the meeting point and add to the collection.

I should be able to make this.

I’ll be there mate:)

Cool! There’s talk of the 2 rides hooking up at may be HB? I dunno what time yet, I’m assured that the CtRR (Crash to Rider Ratio) is lower than 1% in the other group, so if they will tuck in behind us, we can show’em how to crash!:w00t:

Who’ll be taking the lead in our group :w00t::smiley:

The BCR dont have a leader, you know that. But on this occasion I nominate you! If seconded, will you be nominating a Tail-End Charlie to gather the stragglers up?

Edit: After my conversation with Moto in the cafe on Sunday week, I reckon he’d volunteer for T-EC :w00t:

If anybody is going from se London, I’m happy to pick “first timers” up from blackheath tea hut.

i’ll be up for this in either group - assuming it’s not a 'tard only ride based on it being in the SuperMoto section??? Will try my best to not contribute to the ratio :w00t:

You’re always welcome m8. I just posted it here cause The BCR members watch this forum and I not want to overlap the other guys…:wink:

I’ll meet you guys and take you there mate :slight_smile: sneaky as for leading it don’t fuss me cos being tail end Charlie ain’t no biggy cos I’d rather that than sitting eating my breakfast while someone is lost on the lanes:)

:smiley: sounds like a plan

I thought we’d agreed you’re leading? Either you or Broady to space the riders out.

Alternatively, I’ll lead and nobody will get lost as everybody will be bunched up behind me :stuck_out_tongue:

that happens lately on the bcr anyway:hehe:

Do you mean there’s a driesie clone out there somewhere? :w00t:

I’ll move this to meets and rideouts?:cool:

Just in case there’s any stragglers: