Rode at Silverstone: Triumph 675

Andrew very kindly let me take his new 675 out for a spin in one of the sessions at our trackday at Silverstone, on the GP circuit, on Monday. I have lusted after his bike for a while now, so to get a chance to ride it made me very excited! I had a couple of pre-conceptions, namely; it would be drastically under-powered compared to my gixxer thou, and that it would rev-out very quickly…

The first thing I noticed when sitting on it, was just how tall it was, either it’s tall of my gixxer’s low! The clutch also wouldn’t adjust so it would bite close enough to the bar for my liking, but I got on with it, you don’t need to use the clutch much round Silverstone anyhow! The sound; it’s beautiful, I couldn’t help but blip it all the time whilst waiting in the pit-lane queue to get out on track.

Pulling out of the slip-road and onto the circuit, I just wazzed it straight open and it went! The tyres had some heat in them still so that wasn’t a problem. I took the first half lap (it’s a 3+ mile circuit) to get a feel for the bike’s controls, i.e. steering, brakes, power-band, then got it onto the first straight, whacked the throttle open, was very surprised to find it surging, and the sound, wow, building to a beatufiul torrent. I was tucked in, looking at the clock trying to work out the rev-range, the blue shift lights helped, and of course I was surprised to see it rev’d higher than my gixxer by 1k/rpm, not what I was expecting from a tripple!

150 odd mph down the straight, coasting into the long right-hander as I wasn’t prepared to ride it hard into there as this was the first fast corner on the bike, felt alien being so high up but the bike turned so well, I was surprised, then another surprise, you just open the throttle full on once past the apex and drive hard… no wiggles over the uneven surface, then first time I got to use the brakes in anger for the 90 degree left-hander and another surprise… the brakes, I nearly had the back wheel in the air it stopped so quickly, madness.

Bit of of getting used to it and loving the fact you can open the throttle full on in the corners and get great drive out. Then a red-flag came out and in we came. Back out in a few seconds and immediately back on it, loving the bike, finding it turning so easy, tipping in so sweetly and having great power.

The bike gave me a good feeling straight away, the feeling that I could ride it as hard as my own bike had we be given more time, but a red-flag came out again and we had to come in. This bike was very easy to get on with and rode beautifully! I want another go some time Andrew

I offered Andrew a go on my thou but he gracefully declined, something about being affraid… hehe…

If I was in the market for a new sports-bike, this would be it, without a doubt, it’s a fantastic track bike! Thank-you Andrew!

No worries mate, although I was a tad concerned when the red flag came out and you took your time coming back in…

Yup she’s a beauty but it’s taking me some time and nerve to really sling her about, but I’m looking forward to pushing her further.

Don’t worry, I’m very respectful when it comes to other people’s rides! Though I know what it’s like. I gave my K5 the day after I got it to R1Fan who went on a 30 minute ride, only for someone to come into the ace car park and tell me someone has had the mother of smashes on a blue and white gixxer down the road and the rider looks dead… Man, I nearly died myself just then…

Anyhow, the bike felt very compliant to me, I would have been razzing it had it been mine, and had more time! It just wanted to go, straight away! You’re a lucky man Andrew! You made the right choice with this bike!

It’s perfect as well, I couldn’t think of anything I would want to change! Perhaps shorten the gearing and do a stage-1 tune, but otherwise it’s fab.

so you could think of something to do… and I might have guessed it’d be more power

PYR is getting 135 out of his, I reckon mine is about 105. Gulp.

Dunno where a powercommander would go TBH there is NO room on it at all.

I was thinking more about just increasing the drive from stand-still, though a little at the top-end is always a welcome addition, but not essential, I mainly liked the fact you could just bang the throttle open mid-corner and get out quickly.

There were a couple of corners on Silverstone where I was squaring them off so I could unleash all 171 bhp of the thou (prompt nice wheelies out of the bus-stop), though as Chuffster would say, this is skilless and I’d much rather be able to ride a bike like yours at 90% than mine at 50%. There were guys on K5’s out there, leaving me for dust. Wish I had some track fairings for the thou, could try and see what they’re doing different then

I will have to say, having seen Andrew ride the bike at Brands and Silverstone, as well as observing Jay have a crack on it, what a good bike it appears to be. You never know, I could be tempted in the future. Personally I am waiting for the results from people who have owned them for a while, just to see what the longevity is likely to be.

I have witnessed a full on race one this season as there is one running in the 600 club racing. The bike sounds awesome and in the hands of the expert rider aboard it I can assure you that it really does move.

So thats it as a track bike, but most owners have bought one for the road. I am sure that it is more than capable, the bike gets rave reviews from just about everyone that rides it. But it is the road test that would swing it for me really, what is it really like on the road in comparison to its class rivals? Perhaps I will go and test one and see what I think.

Or convince me it would come back in one piece if you borrowed it…

Would have to convince myself first…

I don’t go riding other peoples bikes unless I am fully insured. Thanks for the offer but I reckon I shall be going to a dealer if and when i go for the ride. Waiting to see if the single 675 race class is going to kick off next year, I could be interested in that one.

Jay, get yourself a 600 mate! And stop compensating it on power, lol

Whatever mate, don’t let me bring up the talk of your thou and my 750!

you two are right catty today aren’t ya?

Cez, neither you nor I have 600s so is this a deliberate ploy to get Jay on a lower powered bike?

Jay - you know that’s the way your heart is leaning. Go with Chuffster to a Triumph dealer…

Jay youll have to try out my 750 sometime. You know thats where your heart lies. Be interesting to hear your comparison with Andrews` 675.

I had a 750, well two infact! Awesome bikes! I love the Triumph as it’s different to all the rest, and worked so well in standard trim. Andrew, I’m not looking for a new bike, so please don’t try and tempt my any further I love my thou, but was smitten by the Triumph.

Andrew was kind enough to let me have a go on his Triumph too although it was a cold night round heathrow and I was so respectful and scared of hurting it! In a straight line though wow!

Cant imagine what a K5 gixer thou would go like! Would love one but wanna be able to rag a 600 first!