Rodders Final Journey Photo DVD

As many will know there were alot of photos taken on the day of Rodrigo’s final journey, from the undertakers to the airport.

All these photo’s were put onto a dvd by AndyP and Snappy, alot of people asked for a copy but I still have 13 left and all that was asked was that you gave £2 donation to London’s Air Ambulance.

I want to finalise the LB fund raising accounts (LAA) for the end of the year and would really like to push the sale of these dvd’s. When I look through the photos I can’t help but smile, he was such a cheeky chap and leaves so many fond memories.

So please, if anyone would like a copy let me know and I’ll put one aside.


One is def for us Ang, not seen you for a while tho so please keep one for us:)

couldn’t make the rideout Ang but would like one please will put £10 in post for you to donate to LAA ta :slight_smile:

One for me Ang, If you are at newbie night on monday i will get it off you then :wink:

Done it :slight_smile:

Thanks very much Steve, just give me a shout when you’re going to be about the Ace and I’ll pop one up to you.

Jackie I should be there, I’ll bring them with me on Monday… and Mo same with you, I’ll keep one here until I know we will see you.

would like one 2 ang …havent seen you in ages lol

So that’s four… anymore want a copy of the dvd?

Steve xxxxx :stuck_out_tongue:

1 for me please Ang :wink:

1 for me please.

Hi Ang, could you put 1 aside for me i’ll pop up the ace to see you next week if your there:)

Steve xxxxx

Cheers guys, see you soon.

you going to be at the Ace this Monday 3rd Jan?

Hi Mo yes, it’s also Newbie Night :slight_smile:

Keep one for me hun. I’ll try and get there on Monday but not 100% as Dave is really ill at the mo.