Rockingham Sunday 8th November with Hottrax

A couple of mates are losing thier track virginity on this one. Will be giving my support for the day.:smiley:

Anyone on this also?

Yup, I will be on this one!! :smiley:

Good good, come n say hello.:slight_smile:

Black kawasaki zx636rrrrr thingy and white suzuki gsxr.

There’ll be three of us of course and I’ll be the handsome one!:D:P

Will do, will let you know closer to the time what bike I will be on. The other bikes in the group will be 2 zx750’s, a black Fireblade, blue VFR and a black hornet.:slight_smile:

now that my leathers have arrived I should be going to this as well (fingers crossed will be booking tomorrow). going in the novice group, anyone else going to be booking for this group?
btw this is my first track day and looks like i’ll be heading up on my tod :frowning:
plan is to bring some food, drink, paperwork and tools in a rucksack. anyone know what else I should bring? and also is there a fuel station near Rockingham? thinking to be topped up before starting and then should I need a refuel.

Remember your licence folks.:slight_smile:

There are a couple of fuel stations within a mile of the track (very handy). The track does have a couple of fuel pumps but the open times are very limited, and also it will be really expensive so best bet would be a quick run down to Asda after your session if your fuel light comes on.:slight_smile:

There will be a little burger trailer there, and strangely enough the prices are quite reasonable.

Weather forecast is very cold for Sunday so make sure you wrap up warm.:slight_smile:

Sign on starts 08:30 hrs:)

and remember… for some odd reason, all 3 of the 5 right handers are amazingly slippery in the wet… :smiley:

Is that all 3 of the 5 or . . . . er . . . no, need more coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone meeting up on route anywhere?
Also can anyone advise on what tools to bring? I’m think couple of screwdrivers, sockets, ratchet and some tape. Basically what ill need to remove wing mirrors, remove license plate, and to cover lights with.
Should this suffice?

Will have a few tools n things should the need arise if anyone gets stuck/:smiley:

Will be going straight there from Aylesbury at about six-ish in the van with two ugly mofos and thier bikes so don’t as of now have plans to meet anyone en-route.:smiley:

If it’s your first time at Rockingham it can be confusing as it’s such a huge place, you want to aim for the inner paddock. Garage places fill up quite quickly so you need to get there no later than 8 am really.:smiley:

Have fun peeps, see you there!:smiley:

i’ll be heading up there from Milton Keynes.
I’ll get there for 0730ish then if garages are gonna go quick. should give me time as well to sort bits out on the bike.
i’ll be the storm trooper (white and black Scott Leathers) on the graphite R6…see you there folks!

what a day! thoroughly enjoyed it:) well considering it was my first trackday I guess I didn’t have anything to compare it with.
left in the morning and milton keynes was drying out however during the ride to rockingham the heavens opened:(
considering I went on my on, I quickly met some others who’d done other trackdays and then also some new guys as well.
first 2 sessions were wet, again :frowning: however I took this opportunity to get in some wet weather riding which I generally don’t do, and tbh I really enjoyed it!
lunch was brought forward slightly meaning the last 3 sessions were all in the dry and what a grin on my face I had after every session!:slight_smile: absolutely loved it!
fair few of the guys i met mentioned mallory park end of this month so I think it would be rude not to go, but i think i may do it on the 21st as well…get some earlier practise in!

btw, for the others who went today…you wouldn’t happen to have the internet details for the photographer that was there today?

Vala, sorry I didn’t get to meet you, but i did bump into Neets and her clan.:smiley:

There is a link on Hottrax website for the photographer.

Those wet sessions were horrible, like riding on ice. I’ve never experienced a lack of grip on track as I did today, was sliding everywhere.:ermm:

Havs to admit i had so much fun sharing a bike today, the quickest pitstops I’ve ever done for sure!:stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s to the next.:smiley:

no problemo dude. I was down in garage number 12 with a few other novice group riders.
did your mate with the gsx-r have suzuki leathers on?
where abouts where you all? in the garages on opposite?

Was in number 31.:slight_smile:

I had black leathers with puppy across the back, my friends had black and green kawasaki leathers.:smiley: They were both in your group. It will be a few days before the fotos are up on the website, but when they are, you’ll be able to recognise a few peeps.:smiley:

All in all was a very good day, albeit a very cold and wet start.:smiley:

At least it did dry out enough to have to have a good thrash for the last to sessions. Was good to meet puppy to. hope to catch up again one fine day!!

for those that went to this it seems the photographer on the day is not going to be putting up any pictures of the day on their website:(
apparently this was mentioned in the briefing although I only seem to recall them mentioning about canvas prints, wooden frames and nothing to do with ‘if you want prints come and see us’.

@ vala – I was also in garage 12 – red & sliver blade with my mate on the red Daytona 675. What were you riding? I may have said hello as a really friendly bunch down that end.

I ran in the novice group as the inters was full; but compared to some trackdays I’ve been on it wasn’t that full of petrified 1st timers so a great day; slippery as ~~~~ for the first few sessions, and had my back right out at one point, but was really impressed with the general standard of the 1st timers given the conditions. Made me realise how poor I am…

The photography was by who usually take a couple of weeks to host on their site. Nothing up yet so it may be coming. I didn’t hear anything in the briefing about not hosting it on their site, but as they left relatively early I imagine most of the pics will be us tiptoeing around in the grease, so not that great a loss.

Really liked the track and itching to do it again now. 2010 I guess!

@ neets – were you & your gang in a van? A v friendly lady & 2 blokes said hello around 9am-ish and said they’d seen me & my mate (me wearing a fluro high-viz over jacket) on the ride up the M1? Recall they had a blade, VFR etc with them If so, hello belatedly, and sorry not to talk more!

@sceats. I was the lad on the graphite R6. I remember you and your mate.
Hoping the photographer do indeed get the pics up. I remember them in the brief talking about canvass and wooden frame prints but nothing about not putting pics up on their site. I’ll keep checking it though.