rockingham sunday 31st

Anyone going I’m booking this over the weekend ,it’s with no limits.was going Moto gp but decided why pay to watch when I can pay to ride…:slight_smile:

Are you riding up or sqeezing the 'bike into a van and driving again?

van all the way,i dont really think i would ever bother riding to a track day,its just so convenient having a van there…you coming.

I’d love to. I really would.

Here comes the ‘but’…

I’d be riding up (and hopefully back again!) and it’s too far for me to feel happy about my energy / concentration levels.

i have access to a transit van can fit two bikes ,won’t charge anyone for the van hire ,but little donation to diesel would be appreciated ,offer is their to you or anyone else thats interested

…:unsure:sounds like I’m begging for friends on the internet now how sad:unsure:…

Careful, you don’t know what kind of weirdos you’re going to attract with offers like that :w00t:.

You’ve had a lucky escape: my trackday slush fund has now been reallocated to buying some new rubber and payday doesn’t happen until after next Sunday. Poo.

yep see the pics in the other thread defo need changing…:smiley:

and I’m now all booked up for rockingham this sunday checked the weather and no rain ,space in van for 1 other bike any takers let me know…:stuck_out_tongue:

Am slightly tempted by this but have never booked with No Limits before… what’s it like in the groups? Mostly full of dedicated track bikes or are there some road bikes too? Was thinking of the Novice group…

umm its only my 2nd track day 1st was last weekend so i can’t really answer any of your questions I’m obviously going into novice ,hoping it won’t be two busy as moto gp is on maybe all the race boys will be going to watch that.

free i instructors all day long with no limits seems like a little bonus