Rockingham Sunday 18th April


Anyone fancy Rockingham on Sunday the 18th April 2010? Two of us will heading up from East London.

I am thinking about hiring a medium sized transit to take the bikes to and fro. If we can get a third then I’ll look into getting a LWB transit to get all the bikes in.

I’ll book the van tomorrow morning so please let me know if you want in. The van hire is looking at £40ish/per bike.

I haven’t thought about bike ramps and straps yet so if anyone has any good suggestions on where I can pick these up cheap or even hire then please share your thoughts.

Finally, if there is someone who is going to this trackday and has space for a couple of bikes? You’d be saving me a lot of hassle if we can tag along with you.

Thanks for reading.


awsome track, may well be up for this :smiley:

Last time i stuck my bike in the back of a van to head up to cadwell, i got ratchet straps from 99p store:D

Used 4 of them and they held up, still got them too:D

Used a plank of wood as a ramp :smiley:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Might see u at rockers!

Thanks for the advice llcoolj, good info. I’ll defo check out what the 99p store have to offer.

Hopefully see you guys there. I really want to get on as many different track days as possible this year. I picked mid April as I’m hoping the weather will be decent and consistant by then. Come on global warming, sort it out!

I’ve booked this trackday now. Hope it doesn’t snow on the day :w00t:

Me too, you in novices?

I am heading up for this one. Am booked in novices. :smiley:

Come and say hi to AJ & Izzy.

Weather is looking good :smiley:
Will be going to this one after sticking on new rubber and changing my shift shaft spring the day b4 :smiley:
Not sure which group yet though

We are in Novices… looks lke there are a few of us attending now… everyone riding up?

Im riding up from oxford, anyone else riding wana meet up beforehand?

I’m coming up form Watford so i’m coming up from the M1, i can meet you in Northampton services Junction 15A of the M1 and A43 (which u should be coming from) :smiley:

Anyone else wanna meet up?

yep ok, isn’t the services one way though (leads back onto m1)?

Not too sure, but i looked on here (it says At Junction 15A and from A43), so it should be accessible :smiley:

What time you planning on getting to the services?

It takes abt 45mins to get to rockers from the services, i think sign on is later on Sundays (do u the sign on time?). If we meet up at 7:30 we should get to rockers ard 8:15, what u reckon?:smiley:

Yep that sounds about right

sign on is at 08.30

Cool cheers! :smiley:

Decided what group your going in yet jason?

Most likely inters