Rockingham Sat March 13th

probably b’cos you was in his way and making it unsafe for him to pass :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (03/02/2010)

Ill be in the novices mate, will look out for you… what bike you on?

i did the rock national ciruits last year on my 600 and felt it would have been more suited to my old 400.

maybe ill book up for the saturday aswell and make a weekend of it!

weeman (04/02/2010)

I’ll be in inters with my gsxr 750 K1 :slight_smile:

weeman (04/02/2010)

I be on a 02 R6, Red/Black, will look out for you:D

I’ll be there on Sunday 14th, it’s two days before my birthday so figured it would make a good birthday present to myself.

My first trackday, plus the first one of the year, so I’ll be in the novices and I’m really looking forward to it, lets hope the weather is kind to us all!! :w00t:

Deffo be nice to meet all u guys there :smiley:
Hope the weather holds, coz its still really frosty now :w00t:

im in 2 minds what bike to take, i could take the vfr 400 and be bored or i could risk taking my road bike, gixxer 750 on… uuummmmmm

Any will do as long as its got wheels :smiley:

ill be on a black and red 05 cbr 600 rr.

will look out for you guys.

i was hoping the temperature would have started to get a few degrees warmer but its not going as planned!!

we might be in for a cold weekend…well as long as its a dry one we should have some fun

Will look out for you:)

Anyone would like to meet up before hand, i’m coming from Watford so its boring M1 for me:(

I’m also booked in for the National on Sunday 14th, so see you there. Red & sliver 05 blade & silver helmet. See you on the M1…

Nice one! Will see you there!
U on inters?

am on inters - you too?

Yeah, most likely go on inters :smiley:
Will book nearer the time as all the Dots are still green, just can’t rely on the weather.

booked into novice group for the sunday (national circuit) :slight_smile:
see you guys there.

sceats…you riding up again?

Ive never done a track day but really fancy it…is Rockingham a good track to start on?

lots of people recommended brands to me, but it also depends on your location if you’re riding to it

Have not ridden Rockingham, so cannot really comment, also depends what type of bike you have. It has lots of left hand turns so useful i fyou want to practice it.MSV do special novice only trackdays if you want to ease yourself in… :slight_smile:

my first trackday was rockingham national circuit last november. so far i’ve also done cadwell and mallory and out of those 3 i’d say rockingham or mallory would be ideal as a first track day.

That’s good to know, as this will be my first!! :w00t: