Rockingham Sat March 13th

Just booked this up with a mate of mine, only 85 quid, and hopefully the weather would have cleared up a bit by then!

Anyone else in?

Who’s the track day organizer. :slight_smile:

hottrax :slight_smile:

Let me check with J but I would be up for this


Cool, I have never ridden Rockingham before so looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

What’s the track layout Elad?

inter. But you could stay the following day and ride the national track.
Both fun but not really litter bike territory as you are almost always either turning or on the break. Don’t think you will red line 4th on your R1 on the inter and more like 3rd on the national

International, and as frenchy said above, they are also doing the national layout the day after for 75 quid.

These are the two layouts:

Lots of left hand turns…

Too tight for the R1 and too fast for my * other* bike?:angry:

Not sure, never ridden it before, but maybe too fast for that bike, but reckon the R1 should be cool, just give you a chance to practice power slides :wink:

But if this weather continues I’m hiring a skidoo…

See you there

If weather is good i be there:D
Track just right for my baby 600, excellent fast left handers :smiley:
Will book nearer the time though:)

Wicked :slight_smile: you in inters?

I might just make that one my first of the year.
Will book closer to the day in Inter group

Yeah, i go for inters :smiley: (March 14th National Track)

im going but on the 14th… if i had known the intrnational circuit was on for just a tenner more id have done that!

Yeah , International for bigger bikes:) Only got a 600, i get raped from behind if i went on that:D
See you there!
Which group u in?

You must do something wrong because if there is a track where having more than a 600cc doesn’t really help it’s Rockingham!!! (including the inter)

That long banking part on the International circuit is the part where i always get eaten up, unless i am doing something wrong:w00t:
But then again i haven’t been riding long so i still have a lot to learn:)

But National track is much more fun for me, i can at least keep up in there :smiley:

trick is to put some distance between you and which ever litter bike behind you on the chicane and the left hander that leads to it. That done they catch up but they don’t have time to pass you before the fast left then they might pass you while you drift to the wall but a late brake and sharp late left to the hairpin (best turning late anyways as there is a dip right where perfect turn lines should be) and you just kept you position and you now have lots of time to get away until you get to tarzan hairpin and start it all over again!!!:smiley:
fun all around if you ask me… I love that track:w00t:

Here is me with a Aprila 1000 on my arse!!! And if you are wondering, he never got passed me!!! :wink: