Rockingham Sat 15th Sept

Anyone fancy doing this trackdat with No Limits its £119 but its a saturday and would probably do an early ride up from the Ace rather than an overnight stay in Corby. Never done this track and as its a saturday not a weekday it could be a laugh :smiley:

It’s very tempting… I am off that Saturday and I really want to get another track day in this year.

cheers Andy you got another bike now or the CBR back on road?

CB1000R was back on the road within about 10 days. I have a Fireblade for the track now though :slight_smile:

Hmm I might come to this one, if I do I will post on here :slight_smile:

I’m looking at this or Snetterton on Tuesday the 18th, but only really want to book if there’s others there. I have 2 friends that may do Snett at the moment.

not sure whether to do snett or brands (road bikes only) on 18th. done snett a couple of times, jts good, but havent done brands yet

I’m in this one now with a couple of my local bikers, ill PM my number and come and find you on the day.

Should be a good one, I’m in Inters 9for the first time! ohh scarey

temped…but u gonna ride up there and ride back??? :blink:

Yeh but i’m in Milton Keynes so its not too far

Well was a good day! Weather was fab, my group of mates stayed on track :slight_smile:

First time in inters, never done rockingham and I managed to pass one person! :slight_smile:

I did manage to keep up with some guys that overtook me, they just had a bit more power out of corners and on the straights, so was well happy with the day.