rockingham national v silverstone stowe circuit...

thinking about doing C.S.S (level 1) at one of these places…

… question is: which is the better track to do it on…??

I did a track day at rockingham and my CSS L1 at Stowe. Although I think Rockingham would be better due to all the bands I chose Stowe because they said due to space restrictions at Rockingham they couldn’t do the off track skills (I assumed they meant the lean bike etc). As it happened it was so wet when I did my CSS at Stowe they did do it anyway!!

Oh yes and another thing Stowe normally runs anticlockwise which means you get a lot more left handers which can make a nice change!

You won’t use the nascar part of the track. You’ll use the Natrional (i think it’s called).

I found it really fun and I think it would be good for CSS as it’s more about technique than all out speed, but like I said Stowe runs backwards which makes a change!

Maybe someone has done CSS at Rock…

I also did CSS at Stowe and a nolimits trackday at Rockingham. Personally I think Rockingham is the better track - more corners (lefts and rights) plus some small inclines/declines, hairpin etc.

Stowe was great fun for CSS and as already mentioned it is predominantly a left-handed track, great for those Zoolanders amongst us who can’t go left!! :slight_smile:

Both are fairly small, tight tracks with short straights. Whichever you choose, it will be a great day.