Rockingham National Circuit - Sunday 17th July

I did the Rockingham International circuit back in March and got this day free. It’s on the National Circuit with 100% Bikes and costs £139.

Anyone else up for it? It’s quite a nice, smooth track with loads of knee down potential (especially on the left!).
0870 8722532

Mmmm, could be! I wouldn’t mind returning to this circuit and giving it another go. I didn’t get on well with it last time on the 750, but it was FREEZING cold with a horrible wind-chill factor, in November last year. I need to plan my holiday/trackdays this week, so will know soon.

I’m booked up in fast. see you there!

Hope the weather clears up - forecasting heavy rain at the moment!

Ignore the forecast, they’re all crap and should in no way dictate whether or not you go. We were at Brands Hatch today which was forecast for torrential rain on multiple weather websites, and of course there was not a drop shed from the sky, we had mostly light cloud with some nice sunny spells, it was a good day! I know of at least three friends who didn’t go because of the weather forecast, so they lost out on £200 just because of that! How lame is that?!! We need more hardcore bikers!

I’d never not go because of a weather forecast! In fact I’d still go if it was pissing it down when I got up - you never know when it’ll stop, and the tracks dry out quickly enough I did Castle Combe last year and it was torrential. In the first sessions I couldn’t see where I was going - rain soaked visor that I couldn’t ride quickly enough with to clear! That was fun…