Rockingham International Sun 24 March 2013 - £89.00

Is anyone up for trackday? I have space in the van.
I’m from Greenwich.

Hello. Why’s your user name ‘ilok’?

Oh Man, this would definitely be a yes if I wasn’t exchange on my flat the next day!!!

I have to move everything out of the flat on that Sunday, hence can’t make it.

Rockingham should be great fun, genuinely hope the weather holds out for you

Depends on the weather!



I’m also thinking about Lydden in Saturday…

I wouldn’t rely on weather.

You either do what you intended to do or don’t :slight_smile:

Have you booked your trackday?

if anyone up just give me a call
07402226439 Konstantin

Not a great idea to post your mobile number, just ask people to PM you and then you can send it to them. :pinch:

I have done enough track days that i don’t need to do any more in the rain, its not that busy at the moment and it wont be fully booked. Going in the rain sucks. If 2 days out it looks dry im tempted, i want to do it last weekend with Laurence but the weather was rubbish.

I have my own van to be clear so if i decided to come i will drop you a PM/text.

It is nice to have own van.
Unfortunately I don’t have one. So I hired and it is cheaper and more fun to go in group…

I’m dead keen on it, but as Rixxy said - Its dogShhhhh in the rain!

Oi Kostya…you want me to come along and show you the way around the tracks on my Blackbird…same result as Santa Pod ? :D:D:D:D

Plenty of space on Rockingham even for your Blackbird:)

Taking into account weather forecast I more and more concerned riding in snow rather than in rain…

Dont go then, will do one later in the year if i get zxr sorted

I cannot cancel it.

What needs to be done for your zxr?

(except cleaning from rust and dirt :)))

not running right, new tyres, fit fairings, respray…not a lot really just can’t be bothered to do it :slight_smile:

will make it a track bike I think

you wanna do it for me ?

I’m happy to help if I can.

I’ve got message from NO Limits a couple of minutes ago ,

The Rockingham has been cancelled.