Rockingham international 23rd of August 2010 (Monday) with Hottrax £79

Myself and Mr Lee are going to be testing our newly track prepped and soon to race painted 675 on this lovely twisty track… any tackers???

What no takers… Scared of 2 middle age (well one more than the other but you would never notice :wink: ) on little 675?
Come on boys, come and play!!!

What group are you in. :slight_smile:

cant take the day off, dude, sorry x

Wow - that sounds a cheap price. (Newbie asking - ) are HotTrax “good”? I might be away on holiday, otherwise this sounds tempting.

Have a great day up there.

personally I think there the best track day organiser I’ve ridden with.

Hmm … in that case the upcoming Silverstone days sound very tempting too! :slight_smile:

Rixxy said the opposite! It was my first, so I can’t compare, but it seemed ok, little short on the safety briefing maybe…

Well, they’ve got a tough time to beat my first experience with No Limits, but at that price … I’d give them some leeway :slight_smile:

I want to do another one but not sure.
Are you going up the night before and staying somewhere?

Hey mate, you can get there in about an hour and a half from yours so no need for an overnight stay.:slight_smile:

edit that. there the 2nd best organiser. first has to go to eurotrax. so far…

We went there in March but stayed the night before. And we went in vans…I assume we did that to be fresh for the track. (Not sure drinking pints the night before in a local was good preparation. lol)

Not sure as yet.
Will most likely leave early in the morning with the truck and a trailer in tow with the bikes…
Will depend on Lee as pretty much the same to me… I have so far always ridden in the morning but I was riding my road bike then… I am sure we could arrange something on the Sunday evening if there Is interest.
Can take 3 bikes (maybe 4) behind the truck, so if you book let Lee knows (I will be in Bali for the next 4 weeks starting Friday) so that we can plan adequately.

Enjoy Bali :slight_smile:

I always do but the kidz are not very kine of the long flight…

Anyone else attending? Just booked into inters

‘chief inspector jacques’…which group you guys booked into?

think we are booked into the nov group purley because its frenchie’s first time back on a bike since his little spill and iv got to scrub in new tyres and put some more easy (ish) miles on my bike (only 148 miles on it) but will move up after the first/second section for sure :slight_smile:

seems I’m booked on this. in the blue inters group.
i’ll be on my road R6 (like the avatar). i’ll keep a look out for the 675. got any pictures of it to make identifying it easier?
anyone else going?