Rockingham International 18th June (Friday)

Rixxy and I are doing Rockingham, anyone fancy it?

I will be in novice, there’s three groups.

Hi Alex,

I’m rather tempted :slight_smile: Just time off work etc …

Are you going up in the morning and coming back evening? Or doing more of a stay over?


Alex E


May well go up Thursday eve, as it’s a half 7 sign in at a track 2 hours away…

Will be back Fri eve though.

We left from Kent at 4.45 in the morning and got there for 7.15.

was knackered at the end of the day though. But we drove up rather than ride up.

Got me knee sliders in for this!

Rocky won’t let you camp in the paddock. The gates are locked so you’ll have to camp just outside the gates. Two hour journey time is a doddle really so you’d be better off going up in the morn.:slight_smile:


Alex/James what’s Rockingham like??? I’m hoping to go there next month if my break is healed in time.

It’s ok…very twisty, no real fast bits but still not twisty enough for me to keep up with the IL4’s on the straight bits! Quite a technical track, some worrying corners at first and a few people came off throughout the day. Overall, worth trying but there are other tracks closer that may be better.

Nice pics :slight_smile: Some for the album !

whats the tarmac like on the track? upto standard or does it have potholes etc? i heard mallory park got lots of potholes so im staying away from that one.

Track isn’t potholed, but the surface changes in tarmac type a few times, a couple of bumps where it does as well…

Looking good there Alex…

Have they repaired the trench that runs around gerrards now then?

Surface is ok, big bump coming into the tightest hairpin if you take a wide line into it makes things interesting!

I’ve lost the sheet they gave us with the names on, but I don’t remember a Gerrards :ermm:

I thought the wonderful and exciting Gerrards was at mallory park?? happily corrected if wrong.

Hence my remark

‘anyone seen an apex round here??? sure I left it here somewhere’