Yo Silver, i’m glad i’m not the only one feeling the warmth of the tarmac last Sunday. I had the pleasure of crashing twice,once in the morning at the end of the straight, thought i’d try something different by clicking up an extra gear and brake later but harder, so still on the brakes where i should be turning in i thought brake till the grass, let em off them paddle thru gravel,err no, soon as it hit gravel front end sunk up to discs and lobbed me off to the side. no damage at all.

After lunch warmed tyres for a few laps, the tight right-hander at the back of track before the lefts,thought “i’ll try something different” (hindsight is a wonderful thing), instead of braking and changing down i didnt do either so when i was cranked over, eye-level to the tarmac it dawned on me it wasn’t going to work and 5 seconds later i was picking my self up. Oh No!




LOL… oh Doohan, you numpty. Glad you’re okay, and I know exactly how you feel, as I’ve binned it at Rockingham as well, on the same corner as you did the second time. You tell a good story, and I’m glad you’re in good spirits. What’s the score with the trackbike, repair cost? Or are you selling it on?

****ing hell! Looks like your bike came off a lot worse than mine!

How are you? No injuries?

The wierdest thing is that I can’t remember a thing. If I went back to the track tomorrow I’d have to relearn it because I don’t know where it goes…

****!! unlucky mate. are you ok?

Doh!!! Glad your ok though mate… I think you might have learnt something… that you must brake and change down! :slight_smile:

I must I must I must improve my brake and turn in technique. That i have learnt,im too old to be learning new tricks, but when you have a dedicated track bike with slicks you can easily misinterpret ability for ambition.

Still nursing a bruised ego and a bruise on each leg, gone from black to purple /yellow at the mo.

The bike looks worse than it is (i hope). No damage to top half of fairing, i bent the fairing bracket back and it fits all nice, just need a handle bar and Harris footpeg, hoping to bodge the Akro somehow. I wont bother with belly pan or ram-air tube for now. Crash bung busted off leaving bolt in the frame too.

I’ll be back!

sorry to hear bout the crash dude but if its any consolatilon, when i was there a year or so ago, this numpty that was there with us crashed seven times in five sessions.of course none of them were his fault… deisel spill, black cat ran out etc and going into turn one he thought it would be a good to stick to the right hand side of the track heading down the start/finish straight! it takes a big man to admit the mistakes are ours not the bike/tyres/cat/deisel etc. good man!

Good luck with the repairs, thankfully its a track bike and not your pride and joy. There are many people who crash on track days for various reasons and as stated above, its refreshing that someone has admitted to their failings. I hope that you soon have it fixed and are back out there kicking some bootang having learnt from your experiences.

Sorry to hear that mate! I hope you will put that gorgeous bike of yours back on it’s wheels very quickly!

Chuffster: “thankfully its a track bike and not your pride and joy.”

Oi! No need to rub it in!

Glad your OK the bike looks like a proper race bike now!!!

Hope you get it back together soon.