Rockingham – 31 Oct.

Anyone going to the National this Sunday?

if you book silverstone GP on the 14th with FE, you can book the national on the 31st for £50! bit of a bargain for 2 TD’s. both on a Sunday as well.
I won’t be doing the 31st (Jason - llcoolj, is) but i will be attending the 14th if your interested?

I be doing Silverstone national this Sunday, £50 :smiley:
Its forecasted rain, so it’s time to try out the wets :smiley:

Come join us at at Silverstone Arena on the 14th :smiley:

how did the day at rockingham go sceats?
silverstone was wet.

Also wet! 1st 2 sessions were dry and great so lovely, thereafter started raining and few went out, pretty much only the die hard keeners or those with wets. I’m neither, so headed off early. Nice ride up there, 'though!

Think that’s me for trackdays for the year now - see you for some track action in the spring?

Another one 7th this Sunday £49 :smiley: take it as an early xmas present :smiley:

would love to but away on 7th… maybe come March and climate change kicking in…!

where’s the one this sunday? wouldn’t mind practicing my new found addiction one more time b4 the year’s out :stuck_out_tongue:

Sceats - yeah mate may see you next year then. I should be racing in the BEMSEE series so if I can fit in or afford more TD’s I’ll be there. Although tbh I’ll more then likely only be heading to those which I’ll be doing during the season to get some practise in!

uy3n - fairly sure the one this Sunday (7th) is at rockingham. The following Sunday it’s silverstone gp with focused events for £99, or if you fancy a midweek TD there’s silverstone gp on the 8th, with easytrack. £99 or £69 if your a member of trackdayriders.

Vala - you’re off racing? Sounds fantastic! What’s the series? Maybe post events up and we can pop along to cheer you on if local to us? V jealous of you! Child #2 due end of year, so getting out for the occasional trackday in 2011 may be a challenge, let alone racing…

Yeah mate in off racing. I’ll be off in december to sign on with the BEMSEE series. Should be the rookie 600 class on my R6. I think the ACU weekend is in Feb then the first race should be beginning of March at Brands.
Congratulations with the next little 'un on the way! That’ll be you retired from trackdays then!

Wow – sounds cool. Be sure to post when you’re racing @ brands & I’ll pop along to watch if I can.

No trackday retirement for me yet, but will be increasingly more difficult to get out.