Rocking between my legs

Rocking between yer legs should get most things going in the end:)

I’m out of practice at the moment :frowning:

You spend £20 getting it running properly now or you get £100-200 knocked off when you come to sell because it doesn’t run right.

It runs ok once it’s got started.

Check spark plugs and cables. And your battery.
Do you have petrol ? (sorry cant stop myself to put this).

I’m sure you know how to check is the spark looks ok (bright consisten).

There may be some sensor error but don’t know that bike to say more.


Thanks for the advice - yeah - could be HT leads etc - the bike is getting on and the components probably aren’t what they used to be.

One more thing to check is ignition coil.

Yea, I’m sure you can find more expensive and better made components if you going to swap some of the electronics/electrics.


Rocking bike between legs actually helps starting for a technical reason and it’s not just my imagination because I am insane/stupid:

This is interesting - just read this on a zx7r forum in reply to a rough running cutting out question:

so my theory about rocking the bike when starting has some basis in technical fact :slight_smile: :

'what about floats sticking closed…you can try rocking the bike left and right a few times

This also probably why the bike is cutting out - sticking floats due to old fuel.