Rocking between my legs

My ZX7R doesn’t like being woken up after a couple of months of winter layoff (I ride a different bike over winter so I am not a scared of the cold lightweight pussy ok :smiley: )

I’ve always had trouble starting her up in the past (could take a couple of minutes of starting attempts before the engine fired) I used various techniques, choke on/choke off while opening and closing the throttle - nothing seemed to work until my gut instinct and intuition made me start rocking her between my legs with the starter going (choke on) - bike starts much faster after a layoff using this technique - my hunch is that I am agitating/sloshing the petrol in the float bowls and this is improving the starting situation?

Im drunk… beat that :Whistling:

i CAN’T BEAT THAT :smiley:

I forgot to pick up some beer on the way home tonight godamit!

Im getting chicken now…


Ok - so I had two slices of toast and marmite followed by an old currant bun I found in the corner of the bread bin.

SATISFIED? :smiley:

Chicken shop was closed. I cried… :crying:

So what?

If you live in London you are never more than five feet away from a kebab/pizza shop . . . :smiley:

I dont see what you’re asking…

That’s because you’re not looking hard enough :wink:

Maybe its like Orangina ? Shake the bike , wake the engine ???

no thats rats you’re thinking of :laugh:

i’m fascinated from the rocking technique! can you film it?

my theory is that your bike has a grudge for being left alone in the garage, therefore needs a hug before forgiving you and behave like normal.



Sounds fizzable.

(feasible geddit? . . . :smiley: )

on the zx7r its full choke and no throttle.(says it in the owners manual) mine starts first time every time and i laid her up for 2 months as well and it still started 1st time.

Yeah - you could be right - every bike I’ve ever owned has just been a machine - but the ZX7R is more like an animal - tempremental, moody and inconsistent, plus it’s the most ‘alive’ and charachterful bike I’ve ever ridden. But that’s what a lot of people say about kawas.

I’ve got a camera so yeah I might film the unorthodox starting technique and post it up. :slight_smile:

Yeah - it starts ok on the choke no throttle usually - but It can take a couple of minutes to start after a layoff (that’s multiple attempts - not one long battery draining startup).

One problem I do have is starting it when it gets hot in the summer - it can turn over for quite a while before it fires - a lot of people experience this apparently.

check the kill switch. no, only joking! i havent experienced poor start up maybe ive been lucky. ive probably cursed myself now, but if i have i can always try your shake between the legs method. lol

Seriously - it works - empirically tested. :slight_smile:

I think I may have an answer.

You say you’ve had it laid up for the last few months?
Smell your petrol. Does it smell like rotten fish?
Funky smelling petrol is an indicator that it’s gone stale and has separated. If this is the case, Your carbs may be a little plugged up with the jelly-like stuff that fuel separates into.
I’ve not heard of it happening after 2 months. It usually takes a little longer but worth a shot.

If this is the case, an hour in the OMC and a fresh tank of fuel will set it right.

I have a theory as to why shaking gets the bike to start but I’m not confident it’s correct so wont share it.

Dirt in carb maybe

not that would know but a guess.

Yeah - think your more than likely right regarding the dirty carbs theory fellas.

I’m hopefully gonna chop it in for something else soon so i’ll live with it until then.