Robocop - Embankment

Got nicked today by handheld hairdryer after turning left of Vauxhall bridge onto Chelsea Embankment. The plod was standing in the layby where the Royal flower show is. I’m so pissed off with myself that I wasn’t looking ahead enough to see him! After doing and breath testing me (what an insult!), I hadn’t had time to pull back out onto the Embankment before he was pulling someone else in.

If only they were so proactive when you have crackheads outside your flat at 3 in the morning.

they have to find funding somewhere mate, given the government are not exactly doing them any favours…

At least you have taken it like a man!! Chin up and lesson learnt (albeit the hard way)

Just wanted to make others aware in case he’s still there tonight, making people’s Friday for them…

Police don’t get the money for fines Sleeper - it all goes straight to the government coffers.