Robbing little f&*kers

Stopped at a bike shop this afternoon to get a new helmet (after dropping old one) - get back to bike to discover old one had walked…then realise I’ve left my gloves in the shop - get back - and someone’s had them away too.

What would anyone want with a manky old pair of gloves?

If not’s tied down…

Sad git for nicking a smelly old pair of gloves.

The same kind of person who would start a thread over their loss;):smiley:

Bit cruel Chunky.:w00t:

its getting worse and worse and one day it will be like america…I am making fence and gate around my house to keep intruders out.:w00t:

I can’t belive that with all the talk going on about thieves and offenders on LB people are still leaving their belongings unattended.

The c*** is still scum.

Yeah I was thinking the same kinda thoughts whilst reading the original thread… :ermm:

Ah the old fence and gate trick eh, that’ll fool them pesky bike thieves… :wink:

what a great idea,…burglary free!.

The secret is to have the fence but no gate. That way the thieves can’t get the bike out:)

or buy a knackered old srad, wiv holes in engine cases thats one bike deffo not get nicked :):stuck_out_tongue:

wow-brilliant idea there-I’m off to B&Q!..:smiley: